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Hey, I was wondering if anyone who lived in London ever trained there with Nino Bernado and what they thought of him. I know he doesnt train there anymore (I think he ran away with some 18 yr old or something) and that the place is closed down as far as I know but did anyone train there and what did they think of the teachers and the place itself? I only ask because my teacher trained in Kali with Nino in the dungeon and I wanted to find out how good you guys thought he was. I'd also like a bit more information on the guy seeing as there are really not many sights on him.

P.S I do know HE IS good because of the amount of people who have trained with him and there opinions.
Originally posted by arnisador
Did you ever have a chance to train with him?

Yes give us a review, please :asian:
Originally posted by Rich Parsons
Yes give us a review, please :asian:

Nope, but hes the guy who trained my father and he is still around. He's in Ibiza at the moment....I managed to find him on the net :D But right now Im looking forward to a Dan Inosanto seminar in May :D

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