Was wondering about this oragnization, headed by Jerry Beasley, with Joe Lewis, and Bill Wallace.

Has anyone one had ay dealings with them? I've heard little, but nothing negative.

In terms of TKD, I wonder who sets their test standards in comparrison to the ITF. I understand Dr. Beasley has a 5th Dan from the ITF.

Seems almost to be the ideal situation for those Black Belts that are in need of a new home, without the political headaches that come with it.

Any help would be appreciated!

Well, I tried to check out their Website to see what they were about. No joy. Their site is apparently down or nonexistent.

I respect Bill Wallace. I can appreciate what Joe Lewis has done for sports martial arts. I've got issues with Beasely. Without seeing what they AIKIA goals are and what claims they make, I can't offer anything.

Originally posted by Klondike93

Can you elaborate on why you have issues with him?


I disagree with the way he represents and presents JKD, the way he seemingly ignores Inosanto's contributions to JKD, and I question his certification in JKD.


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