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  • Peter: I have written a diary of the Kukkiwon Dan/Poom Test Examiner Seminar held in Chicago Nov. 19-27. PM me your email and I can send it to you.
    Cheers, Patrick Thimangu
    I'm a student of GM Tate in Canada and I know you know him. Thought we would connect? Drop me a line sometime!
    Thank for answering my mesage so soon. Yes I Know the only thing I have to do is teach and taking it easy and that's the way I am doing it, usually I do with my students a 5 min light jogging, then the warmimng up with the stretching session, and then just show the tech and watch and correct. However there are sometimes like yestarday that I do the kicking techs with ths students cause I really want it and because I don't want my students think I am an old cripled man. I know that maybe tomorrow I will feel a little easy and then again go to dojang tecah and friday a hell of a day (talking about my feet) and then sunday i will feel much better. Some times is not easy to become a part of the class and do the kicking techs but again I must stay away of this because of my feet. Manny
    Hi Miles, how you doing? I am not well, my feet still killing me, right now I am not training and wont be for a long period of time, instead I am teaching and even this should not be so harsh to my feet the fact is finishing class I barely walk. Waking up the next day is very painful. I teach tuesday and thursday nigts only and I have notice weekends are bareable and mondays I feel more or less ok but then again returning to dojang for teaching the pain intesifies. Don't know what to do, TKD is such an importante thing for me and now I have a couple of students who depend on me.
    Hello Peter how is everything, I am geting all the money together for those certificates and should be sending them sometime by mid February. Money has been tight since I got layed off and now I am a substitute, damm economy. Hopefully everything is going great for you.
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