Ten Simple Rules for Dating My Daughter

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I can't wait to be a Dad.

I am a Dad to a daughter of 10 years of age. I have asked her if she started kissing the boys, and she said no. I asked why? Becasue they run away.... (good I thought....) But, she said, that sometimes they try to kiss us (the girls in the class). And what do you do, I asked. We run away , she said ( even better I thought....).

So far soo good.....

Wait a minute!?...

I think I dated this guy's daughter a while back. He was even so nice as to show me his "basement."

It was a damn underground ammo dump for the Marines. :erg:

My girlfriend now, her father is retired military. He is a good guy. We went to visit my girlfriend's folks down in South Carolina last year with her sister and boyfriend. We got there before her father came home, so I go use the facillities. As I walk downstairs, after I finished, he's there and lays his gun on the counter. Then everyone starts glaring at me. Pointing at his gun he said, "does that make you nervous?" I said, "No, it's the one I can't see that does." He got a good laugh from that. :D

Take care.

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