Ten Minutes

What the students used to do on the days they couldn’t make class was set a timer for ten minutes for some fast fitness exercises.
I assume a student goes to school to learn. He then comes home to train. 10 minutes is not enough for self-training time.
It’s not when you’re serious about training. In my opinion.
@Flying Crane ! What about you good sir? :)
We have a foundational exercise called chay saan. It teaches and trains full body unity in torso rotation and it is a fair statement to say the entire system is built on this concept. We practice chay saan independent of other exercises, and we practice it with various punching techniques. And it manifests in different ways and variations throughout the system.

So, chay saan itself as well as with the various punching techniques. Ten minutes a day would keep one strongly connected to the principles of the system.

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