Trailer: Cane Fighters Instructor Course - Martial Arts & Seldefense


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May 3, 2024
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Trailer: Cane Fighters Instructor Course - Martial Arts & Seldefense

Many different styles have a subject of Cane Fighting or the Walking Stick.

Names for Cane Martial Arts differ here some examples: Cane Ryu, Sutekki Jutsu, Cane Defense, Cane selfdefense.

Ofcourse the goal of Cane, & Stick Fighters is to become skilled in Cane, Stick martial arts. Many also want to teach it.

We have a part of Combat Cane martial arts but also a part for the elderly. We try to use the Cane as a multitool within the art of selfdefense.

We have many different exercises like: stances, rolls, falls, drills, techniques and special skills.

Many ...... within Walking Stick Selfdefense, modify the Stick like Bata Sticks, Combat Sticks and many other modifications. That is very good ofcourse but .....

Our idea of Cane Fighting is that the skills has to be at a high level, at such a high level that you can use every Walking Stick for your techniques.

We prefer starting Cane selfdefense with a: REGULAR WALKING STICK.

Our slogan is:

"Power of the Cane"

We are an International Cane Fight and Walking Stick group based in the Netherlands from the He Yong Gan school.

If you are interested in what we do, please contact us at:

[email protected]

The Site of Cane Ryu Holland:

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