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doc D

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May 22, 2006
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Dallas Texas
I was curious if anyone could help me locate an old military friend and teacher of mine. His name is SSGT Gene Campbell of US Special Forces. I knew him in Panama and Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas. He practices and teaches Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Fa and Shaolin Chuan Fa. We have lost track of each other , I'm afraid. Was curious if anyone on here might know of him.
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Doc Dority
Dallas Texas

Brian King

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Mar 17, 2003
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Bellevue, Washington USA
Doc D
Have you tried any of the support organizations for the various SF units? They and the fraud sites generally have good contacts. Also if he is still in the military send him some snail mail even to his old address, they are pretty good at getting mail to soldiers, it just might take awhile. There are also military sites dedicated to certain units, you might google his last know unit or his favorite unit if you know it and search that way. You might also send a letter to his last unit’s first sergeant asking that he post your request for info on there bulletin board and perhaps somebody in the unit has kept in touch with him and would be willing to forward your information to him.

No one is likely to give you his information, considering his service and the times that we are in but perhaps they would be willing to forward to him yours.

Good luck in your search