someone said martial arts is sh*t

Excuse me sir, I don't wish to start trouble, but I have to ask.

You've been posting a large number of 1-2 line posts, most of which seem rather inane in their topic.

Do you have any real martial education? I notice your profile is devoid of substance.

Do you have anything of any real value to add to these conversations or are you simply attempting to post time and again to increase your count?

I cannot find any real substance within any of your recent posts, and the notion of reading all of them is rather excruciating.

This forum has a policy asking that its members post topics of significance and explore these arts in a professional and mature manner. One is left often times wondering exactly where and how you fit into this depiction. Perhaps I have judged you incorrectly, in which case I offer my apologies.
that dude was just trying to start a flame war in there and he succeeded... i thought it was pretty amussing though... the guy is obviously a troll though
I agree...

Martial arts is sh*t...

It's some re-e-e-al good sh*t...

Now, let's get back to serious discussions...

Sometimes it takes someone this stupid to make you think. Unfortunately this person wanted to start trouble and obviously got what he wanted.

The question that this flame war raised to me is:
What are non martial artists reaction to martial arts?
For example: Do they fear them? Do they care about them? Do they question you about effectiveness?

The next question I thought of was:
Why do people think once you've trained in martial arts for any length of time you are an expert on all martial arts?
Example: Is this (insert style here) effective? difficult to learn?

Finally (related to the thread), Have you run into the guy who started that flame war?

What do you say to someone with this attitude? The same things that the others on the board said or do you have your own opinions? Has this person ever tried to start a fight to prove himself to you or prove that martial arts aren't that great? What did you do in that situation?

My answer is that Ive never run into a person quite this bad. I have been asked about gun scenarios,etc and gave similar answers to that other post (they have to get to it/have it with them, don't get in that situation). Ive never been blatantly challenged but some have questioned whether a technique is effective. If you show someone something works they usually let it go and come away with a better understanding. There are some even if a techniques works they refuse to believe it and that it was dumb luck on your part (remember these people have a preconcept of martial arts and no amount of convincing would sway them).

Just curious. :asian:
(If this isn't in the right place, please move it.)
Did any of you read some of the postings on there? It looks like all they do is cuss at each other, it's a riot or down right embarassing :shrug:

One of them had a link to that I'm going to check out.

Believe me not all of us Australians are like that, this guy is just a f!@king moron.

You have got to believe me!!!

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I just wanted to mention that over the weekend, there was a lot of trolling over at Martialplanet but the "problems" were banned. Hurray! The exact same thing really is happening at and it's probably the same guys. I wish people wouldn't try to start trouble like this. I hope they don't come over here.

Robyn :asian:
I tell those sort of people that Judo is a sport and is meant to be fun. I'll tell them I do Kung fu for health.

More open minded people I'll tell about the street effectiveness of Judo, or Kung fu, and in what sort of conditions. I also mention why, and for whom it is not always effective.
Originally posted by hand2handCombat

i read on, this guy claims that martial arts is nothin but sh*t. he claims to have done it for ten years.
wat a nutcase, id like to show him

10 years??? Must be what.............25th degree black belt, Soke-Doke, Grandpuba by now.

Sounds like he has been wasting 10 years of his life and is bitter about it.............

Martial Arts= you get out of them from what you put into train like s***t you will be s***t.
Originally posted by 7starmantis

I"m sure if they do, our wonderful mods will root them out!

I say pull out and nuke 'em from space. It's the only way to be sure.

-MT Mod-
My cousin always thought that MA was crap and always tested me. Since I'm an adult now, I'm not prone to just punch him in the face and kick him in the chest ... I normally just laugh it off and walk away.

This weekend, he grabbed me by the back of the neck and squeezed fairly hard. The next thing he knew, he was on the ground face down with my foot on his neck and his arm in a chicken wing.

He's signing up for a class with me soon. :)
A girl I milk cows with, who fancies herself quite the toughy as she was a wrestler in the eighth grade, walked up to me and said "Karate does you no good from the ground."

I looked at her, and quietly asked "Who is going to get me on the ground? You??"

She shut up. I have had karate called into question a few times, but the people that have done it to my face never seem to want to actually try their theory out, when I have been most happy to oblige them.

I prefer to save my breath for fighting rather than talking about fighting. That said, i will now stop typing and use my fingers for some pushups....
Its true Karate doesn't do anything for you when your on the ground but its funny that she wouldn't go at the attempt to take you down :p

When I see fights at my school and its usually "wrestlers" thinking they can kick anyone's butt its so hilarious to see them dive at the knees of the other guy. Let me remind you everyone at my school is pretty much untrained.

So he dives at the guys knees and just gets punched in the face as many times as the other guy can throw them lol. Fights are fun to watch and even funnier when they start over dumb things.
Originally posted by arnisador

I say pull out and nuke 'em from space. It's the only way to be sure.

-MT Mod-

YES SIR, LT HICKS (Sharp Salute):)
for some reason the public tends to think that martial arts are either this mystic crouching-tiger-hidden-dragon stuff, or the really idiotic stuff that appears in most bad martial arts movies. A lot of us grew up with teenage mutant ninja turtles or some equally rediculous fad like power rangers, so its easy to see where the assumptions come from. What can we do as a community to help people understand that we do a lot more than jumping around yelling "hiiiiiiYAH!" ?
Originally posted by nightingale8472

What can we do as a community to help people understand that we do a lot more than jumping around yelling "hiiiiiiYAH!" ?

ROFL! I have a friend that hits me with his finger tips going,
"waaaaaah" "waaaah" "waaah".

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