smilies problem


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Oct 13, 2002
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I used to be able to click under the smilies(get more). when I do now I get nothing. Why can't I get the full list? can anyone help? Thanks.
Works ok for me....

Which web browser are you using?
Do you have any 'popup' blockers running?
internet explorer and yes I have a pop up blocker. Is that why I cna't get extra smilies?
Probably. The smilies thingy opens up in a new window, and your blocker is most likely stopping it. I tested it with my own blocker enabled and had the same problems.

(I use the one from btw)

Martialtalk will only 'popup' a window in very few situations:
-The smilies selection box
-Notification of a new Private Message (you can turn this off for your account)
-when clicking on a link in a post.

We do not use any pop-up/under adverts or similar. (Despite a few good money offers, I refuse to do them. I'm philosphically opposed to them.)).

You can safely surf MT with your blocker disabled. Just remember to reactivate it before you leave. :)