Running Palms

mook jong man

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May 28, 2008
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Matsudo , Japan
Most people would probably be familiar with this exercise if they have been doing chi sau for a while , it is called Running Palms .
The purpose of the exercise is to teach you not to use force against force , not to oppose resistance but to go around the resistance .

For those people that don't know the exercise here's how you do it.
Its best to start from single chi sau if you haven't done it before and in a static position .

One partner in tan sau and the other in fook sau , the one in fook sau does a forceful downward motion and the partner in tan sau instead of fighting the force , simply lets his hand flop down at the wrist and lets the force go past his hand and then he strikes through while the other guys hand is still going down .

That is how you deal with someone pushing down , but what about some one pushing outwards ?

One partner in fook sau and the other in tan sau , the person in tan sau does a forceful movement outward and instead of fighting the force the guy in fook sau simply lets his hand flop outward at the wrist like a hinge and lets the force go past his arm and then his hand can spring back in for a horizontal palm strike to the rib cage or punch , palm to the centerline .

After a while have your partner start pushing outwards or downwards randomly during the normal chi sau cycle , for those people doing double sticking hands also do it random while rolling and the partner can also push down and outwards simultaneously with both hands occasionally .

Remember to stay relaxed and focused towards the centerline with springy force and particularly against the outward force don't let your fook sau be taken off the centerline , stay relaxed at the wrist and run palms .
happy training :)


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Jul 1, 2008
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Shalowm, Mook Jong Man. I love what you wrote. My Sihing and I were just speaking of this yesterday. My Sifu taught me a whole system if you will on Jao Sau (Running Hand). Yes my Sifu often spoke of utilizing your foes energy against them. Take their energy an bounce off of them he will often say. He also still today says don't fight force with force. Dissipate it. Use It and turn it off. His Tan Sau technique was turn force totally off. Bong Sau he would disperse your force to nothingness. It is frustrating sparring with him. Because even though he smaller in height its like a fighting a 7ft giant you can hit. I mean He is right there but no matter how much strength you use you can't touch him. Together with Jao Sau he also uses Huen Sao(Circling hand) and Lao Sao(Slipping hand) to totally have you aiming for the floor. I love utilizing these techniques when sparring others. Because most people are all external and do not know how to feel your force. So I can use my force on them. But when I feel their force I can ward it off. An Circle up to strike them. When My opponent tries to hold me my hands or grab with force I slip away an then strike again. Its a wounderful way to practice Chi Sau. In Fact the first time I practice Chi Sau my Sifu started Jao Sao off the bat. Even before the blind fold technique. Its a wounderful way to build sensitivity. In order to Slip,Run or Circle you have to first feel your opponents force. Then you can Run away from it, ward it off,Circle around it,Slip away from it or just turn it off an take it down to nothingness.

Thank you for this Post Mook Jong Man. I may make one about One hand San Shou!

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