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Nov 30, 2002
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Is there a type of Kundalini Syndrome, in the Internal Arts, that has not really been brought out in a public forum? I think it would explain the small resurgant rash of accomplished, practical Martial Artists who pop up all of a sudden with outlandish claims. Reference the "Miss Cleo's Hapkido" thread, in the HKD section, for a little more of an example. Is the MA breath work fraut with dangers of a psychological nature much like Pranayama?

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If one pushes too hard with qigong and tries to "blow" through the blockages, instead of letting it occur can lead to serious problems, sometimes mnifested as psychosis. I've personally seen this in an old classmate of mine...she was actually hospitalized in a lock-up for a couple of weeks.

Bottom line, if you train with qigong...take it slow and let nature determine your "readiness" for the next level.

If you do the Taoist qigong (maybe its all Taoist, I don't know for sure) will experience odd things as you no attention to them, they are interesting but also a distraction...and some people get stuck when they focus on the "interesting" things instead of staying focused on the breath and discipline of directing qi.

I hope this answers your question.

While practicing qigong, I have to admit that I have had some rather "interesting" experiences. While they make for a neat collection of fireside stories, and definitely spice up what amounts to sitting and breathing, they are very much a distraction that folks are better off without.

Qigong definitely gets to be boring, and when such things are a common ingredient in your daily life, these "interesting" things certainly recover an element of the fantastic.

But don't worry about them. Focus on the technique. Ignore the sideshows.

Good luck.

Thanks for the replys. The mechanism that goes awry is what then? Pressure (abnormal) in the temporal lobes from hydraulic type pressure via the circulatory system? Hormone drunkeness? Nervous system synaptic disruption? Self hypnosis?

Watched a Discovery Channel episode dealing with "out of body" experiences. Studies using Airforce flight simulators, to the point of G force knockout, yielded the typical tunnel / bright light experience of most OBEers.

I understand if I am asking too much, but the young lady that was mentioned earlier, did her symptoms include delusions of grandeur?

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White Belt,

Although there are chemical and hormonal changes associated with qigong, those do not account for everything that occurs.

There really exists within and without each of us a current of energy...imbalances in that energy may lead to any number of illnesses...

In the internal systems, one frequently hears that first there is intent, then qi follows, finally the body moves...I submit that the effects seen may ultimately be measured by changes within the body, but the energy moved first to cause those changes. Can I prove this? NOPE...

The woman who went "nuts" after pushing her qigong training did have delusions of grandeur along with many other manifestations (hallucinations, paranoia)...She went from (in her mind) a White Sash (equivalent to a Yellow Belt in most systems) to knowing more than our Master Instructor (according to her, he just didn't get it)...

I have heard of this person over the years, but never knew much about what happened to her... Just that some paranoia kicked in, and "other things," but never much in the way of details.

Definitely makes you not want to mess with qigong. It is good enough to leave well enough alone and just do what you are taught... Experimentation with techniques is one things, experimentation with qigong is another.

I'm sorry...I only partially answered your question...

In her case, it was in all likelihood, an overabundance of dopamine in the brain...but that still doesn't explain WHY it happened.


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