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What are the requirements at the kenpo/kempo school that y'all train at? The only experience I have in kenpo is with Parker's system, and we had to review all of the material that we had learned up to the rank that we were testing for. I was just wondering what other schools require.

Same here ... all techs up to the belt you're testing for, plus all
forms and sets. The only difference among Parker Kenpoists
that I've noticed were the number of techs per belt. We have
11 for yellow, and 16 pretty much up till 1st brown .. it's like 24
at that point.
It kind of depends on your question. Are you asking about the grading format or are you asking about the material requirements?

In our system under black belt, the person would stay on the floor as long as possible as the testing instructor went through the material and as your limit was reached you would sit off to the side and wait for the next section. Blue and brown belts are graded seperately to not only reduce the waiting time for the lower ranks but also so they can be closely critiqued as to their ability. Reason for this is to correct any issues before the black belt testing. You certainly don't want to put someone up for black belt testing with any chance of failing.

At black belt due to the quantity of mat'l we don't require everything to be done at full power/full speed. Who can continuously put out quality techniques and forms at a 5 hour grading? We still have to demonstrate everything at about 50-70 percent power/speed. This doesn't mean a corresponding reduction in sharpness though. Still have to look good :)

Then the required mat'l for the degree is done as it should be done....full out.

Oh and there is also a 2-4 hour test on theory before you can continue to the physical portion of the test.
We test all students individually.

At yellow belt the student is responsible for short one, finger set, and 12 techniques.

Orange: Long 1, Moving finger set, and 18 techs.

Purple: 26 techs, Long 2, and Short 2.

Blue: 26 techs, Long 3, Short 3, and a basic chinese broadsword form.

Green: 26 techs, Book Set (Panther Set) and Staff Set

Brown: (we only use one rank of brown) 26 techs, Tiger and Crane, and Mass Attack.

Black: Long 4 and 26 techs.

Yellow belts are tested seperately by an individual black belt. All tests from Orange to Green are performed in front of the class with a panel of black belts to judge the students. Brown and Black are tested in a closed door session.

Testing consists of the following criteria:

Basics: (hand and foot weapons)

Forms: (each form graded seperately)


Teaching: candidates are given a student and technique to teach and are judged on ability to teach student

Reactions: students are given random attacks from one or more attackers, they are judged on how effective their self defense is.

Other: this includes knowledge of the system, martial history, etc.

All material is done "full out."

Just the way we do things,

That's as it should be, after all it is a progression of knowledge. Not only that, but you should be able to perform the lower belt material that you already tested on with increasing proficiency. Such is the progress. MA are no different than learning to read or anything else you learn. We are building a house, one brick at a time, if a previous brick fails, then the house falls. Sorry for the run-on sentence. (grammar lessons)


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