open hand throws?


Richard S.

has anyone heard of an open hand throwing technique(s)? i had heard of them a long time ago and the concept of throwing someone without grabbing a fistfull of something is mind boggling to me. i think it may involve a defence against a wrist grab or more of a glorified push with the application of Ki.... im not sure, but it sure is interesting............respects.

I have not practiced them yet.. BUT.. there are open handed throws... ummm with your stlye of Hapkido.. i dunno if the Hyung pattern's are the same.. or if you do them.. but in one of our patterns.. .Do-Son-Hyung.. we have a move that is an open hand throw...

I don't know if this helps.. but I always like to add my 2.5 cents..

:D ;)
Often, in aikido, one can use little more than an attackers intent or momentun to throw them. It is called kokyu nage or kokyu ho. I'm not sure if this is what you were asking about.

Dan McConnell
IMAF, inc. Board of Directors

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