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Hi my name is jeff and i am from windsor on. i just recently started into the martial arts and am very excited about my growth both as a person and the development of my physical abilities even in this short period of time i feel like i would be better prepared to defend myself or my family should the need arise.
I attend classes about twice a week(with my good friend ERASER) as i have a young son and still like to spend time with him as he grows and look forward to his first class. he is only 5 months old i do have wait at least a little while.

its about dang time... I hope to see your nic on a few more threads than just this one.. this place is great to get some tips, asking Q's bout other MA.. and the Antics are hilarlious!!!
Check it out!!
hey YBJ glad to see you are here to. hey eraser is right this place is great have some fun and i will see you in class.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm you sound familiar.. do I know you.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..

See ya'll in class!!!