One Wind Demon Style Ninjitsu ?

Brother John

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Jan 13, 2002
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Wichita Kansas, USA
My friend and I picked up a "How to be a Ninja" video back in the late 80's early 90's. It had in it a curly haired fellow from St. Louis Missouri (if memory serves) named "Ron D. White". It was one of the most rediculous things I'd ever seen. We kept the video for the sheer side splitting laughter it would invariably produce. In it he gave his example of "disapearing and reapearing"...which, if one watches closely, has more to do with the camera going out of focus and gradually coming into focus and him peeking out from behind a tree some 30-40 infront of it.
THEN there's his explanation for the Tabi-boots....
You see, when you walk with them...they make tracks that look like deer prints. That misleads your pursuers.
Then he displays his 'disguise' skills by revealing that this entire time...he's NOT who you thought he was!!!!!! He pulls off his fake mustache and glasses and BAM....he's someone all together different.
I could still pick him out of a line-up from 50 paces, while covering one of my eyes though.
THEN: He shows his students, about six people, none of whom are wearing anything resembling the usual ninjutsu garb... infact, none of them were wearing the same kind of uniform at all. One Kung-fu uniform, one sport top gi with stripes down the side, another a black gi, another a white gi another an american flag gi, last one was red.
He lines them up and has them practice punches...
in a deep horse stance, pulling each punch back to the trigger-point at their hip... yelling "KI-hup" with each punch. Master White then explains that the reason they are 'turning the fist over' is that in doing so it 'Rips the skin' of the person they are punching.
THen they practice their high front kicks from what looks like a traditional karate 'forward stance'. Head high kicks, and why?? because the Samouri didn't expect to get kicked in the head....thus a greater surprise factor.

Heck...he even uses a flash grenade!!!!!

Move over Ashida Kim!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a little "pick-me-up" for yall...

Your Brother


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Jun 17, 2004
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Little Tokyo
that was funny! lol! to bad there are people like this in the world that give all ninjutsu pracitcioners a bad name. this should have been posted in ninjutsu general.