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Feb 27, 2009
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And of course peanut butter is easy. Oatmeal is also a very filling carb with a decent amount of fiber.

Gotta watch out with peanut butter, though; the regular peanut butter you buy in the grocery store is FULL of refined sugar. Try to find the type that is made of just peanuts. It's more expensive, but much better for you.


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Dec 6, 2006
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Have a look at my meal chart for today for example, this is my general framework, with main meals alternating between steak, tuna, chicken or salmon.

Run 35 - 45min
7.30am Breakfast:
Bowel of (non-toasted) high fibre muesli with berries/strawberries on top
Homemade protein shake with two or three eggs, low fat milk, banana
Tablets: Vit C, multi Vit and multi mineral, Omega 3, sometimes folic acid

10am Protein shake (whey protein - 90%, 0% carbs, with water)

10.30am Morning tea:
Sandwich - brown bread, turkey breast (or beef/chicken), lettuce, tomato, chutney
x1 pear, x1 apple

11.30am Protein shake

12.30pm Lunch:
x2 tuna steaks, rice (or potatoes), large salad or mixed vegetables

1.20pm Protein shake - pre weights workout (plus creatine (increased muscular strength and density), glutamine (muscle recovery), glucosomine (joints) BCAAs (muscle growth) and the rest), x1 banana

Weights 1hr

3 - 3.30pm Protein shake (post workout, taken no longer than 翻 hour post weights), banana

4.30pm Afternoon tea:
x2 Chicken breast

5.30pm Protein shake, nectarine, apple

7/8pm Dinner:
Steak/salmon fillet, full mixed salad or vegetables and/or legumes

MA: Heavy bag at home or MA club on club days

Optional pre-sleep protein shake, berries
ZMA (zinc & magnesium) tablets, flaxseed tablet and sometimes evening primrose.

I probably get through at least 3L water per day -that's outside of the water in my shakes.

I keep my mainly whole food carbs in-take for the morning and lunch (this gives me enough residual stamina and energy for the day and for my cardio training - carbs are important for endurance as they have a much greater slowburn/latent energy value than protein). As I am in a leaning up phase I keep away from carbs in the afternoon and particularly evening - although I have friends who are serious bodybuilders that say potatoes etc is fine as long as you are having your dinner no later than 6pm (if this is possible).

As others have said, dont worry about the fruit - in fact this seems seriously lacking from your diet. Having some fruit just pre and post your weights or other training can also be beneficial for a natural energy boost.

I assume you are taking in enough meat with your meals and they are decent servings but I do agree with replacing a lot of that bread. Maybe if you are still hungry or low on energy through the day, see if you can bring a large tub of protein to work (or order it online to arrive at work as I do) and a shaker and have these in between your whole food meals. I have no problem with this at work; it only takes a couple of minutes to add tap water, shake and drink. My shakes are 30grms of protein at a time.

Im 6ft and 231 pounds (and I could loose probably 5 pounds of fat) so we are slightly different in body types but if you are mixing the weights with the MA training as I do, the above kind of meal plan should do you well. Do keep up the training though as I dont want you becoming a bloater cause of me!!



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Sep 7, 2009
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Hey guys,

I really appreciate your great help, and a special thank to Zero for posting up your diet.
Great diet Zero, i look at it and i see that i havent added enough veggies in each meal, so i really should.
It was said here that protein is digested more slowly than carbs, and not backwards, which sounds logical, so are you sure when saying "carbs are important for endurance as they have a much greater slowburn/latent energy value than protein"?

So I listened to your advices and replaced bread by rice/pasta and added more meat to these meals and also veggies, and it really helped!

8:00 – 3 slices of brown bread + cheese + veggies.
11:00 – Rice/pasta + (more) meat + veggies.
13:00 – Rice/pasta + (more) meat + veggies.
15:00 – Rice/pasta + (more) meat + veggies.
17:00 – 2 slices of brown bread + cheese + veggies.
18:30 – oats + milk.
19:00 – 21:00 – workout
21:00 – 3 slices of brown bread + cheese + veggies.
23:00 – Tuna + olives.

I haven’t added fruits yet since I wanna take it step by step to see how my body reacts to each modification.

I really had more energy during the two last days when I was at work, and it was really great.
I'm so glad I approached you on this! :)

still learning

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Nov 8, 2004
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Hello, Printed in "West Hawaii Today" ..a local paper in Kona, Hawaii...

Banana "overload" ...Dr Leo, according to him- two bananas provide enough energy for a strenuous 90 minute workout

Banana contain tryptophan helps you relax, enhance your moods

Banana Vitamin B6 regulate blood glucose levels ..helps calm the nevous systems..some people found bananas helps depressions/gives some reliefs

Banana is a dietary aid -soft texture eaten without any tomach or intestinal distress, and coats the llining of the stomach.

Eating bananas helps control the blood sugar levels and helps monitor food cravings and binge eatine

Snacking on high -carbolhydratre foods like BANANAS. every few hours helps keep blood sugar levels constant

The Potassium makes perfect lowering blood pressure (New England Journal).

Banana on a regular diet can cut strokes by 40 percents (base on US food and drug administrations-granted to the banana industries.

Potassium shown positive results in teast of brain power (students eating bananas impove there test scores/ compare those who did not eat bananas.....

Skins of bananas (inside part) reduce swellings and irritations of insect bites by rubbing the bananas skins

Banana skins on plants helps chase away aphids from plants overnight too...

Finally banana contain 4 times the protein, two times the carbohydrates, three times, the phosphorus, 5 times the vitamin A twice the the other vitamins and minerals found in an Apple!!!

Lets go "BANANA'S .....!!!!

Aloha, ....West Hawaii Today...Oct 4, 2009 (garden pages)


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Dec 6, 2006
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It was said here that protein is digested more slowly than carbs, and not backwards, which sounds logical, so are you sure when saying "carbs are important for endurance as they have a much greater slowburn/latent energy value than protein"?
Bro, the right type of carbs and taken at the right time are important for endurance events and training such as running over a decent distance or longer workouts. Those huge, ripped dudes that only live on protein diets to keep a 6% bodyfat are great for a 30-50min workout but push them over that or work in some cardio with the weights (closer to a fight intensity) or put them on the end of a pick for a day and they gas out real fast.
Cross country (what I used to do) and marathon runners take muslie/oats in the mornings and pasta for dinner leading up to an event to carbo load. Glucose derived from carbs in your blood stream and liver means you are primed for an endurance event, glucose being one step away from pure energy required by your body.
I'm not saying overdo the carbs, but they definitely have their place. But hey I'm not nutrionist so whatever I say may be back to front; works for me though!

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