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I was just browsing around at the bookstore, and I noticed a few more things on Ninpo and its upcoming popularity. I also noticed that there are more and more Ninjutsu schools popping up whether it be on the net, or here in So Cal. Ninpo is getting more and more recognition by the day. Whether it be good or bad recognition, I'm unsure if there is such a thing. With such sources such as cartoons (series such as Ninja scroll and Naruto), as well as recent documentaries (like "Ten most Deadliest Martial Arts" Dr. hatsumi's section, that aired on tv), the Media is beginning another Ninja-craze in this year. Everyone prepare for a zillion kids dressed up as Ninjas this Halloween!

My question is this, with the Media creating Ninja Fandom among its viewers, do you guys consider this to be a bad thing in the sense of the imagery being portrayed? Or a good thing as it will draw more people to inquire about Ninpo?

Any views are welcome.:asian:


Mon Mon

I would say this it will create more Ashida Kims:eek: and yeah you will get freaks that dress up like the ninja and runn around at nights in their secret "clans". It will attract people to the art those who train that deserve to stay with the art they will stay and learn the truth those looking for holleywood ninjitsu will find people like ahida kim and other fakes.

Well thats my opinion

Question have you guys ever met people that formed theri own "ninja clans" and did missions? How did you react did you find them stupid or dangerous or perhaps both?

Greg Chapman

I dont think it will produce a load of Ashida Kims, at least not in the UK anyway, I run a club in the UK and we do advertise in posters and papers as Bujinkan Ninjutsu and this does promote all the wannabes out there to turn up, some stay, some dont come back when they realise the depth of the art and the fact that they are not going to disappear in a puff of smoke, its all about educating the students.

blood shadow

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Nov 11, 2007
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Training with ashida kim makes some people wanna be power rangers more than real ninjas.

Omar B

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Nov 6, 2007
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