Mod. Note--"I quit!" thread.

Originally posted by GouRonin

D@mn, I agree with you again. Scary. But I doubt it.

Damnit, now I have this feeling like the sky is goign to fall or something!!

Ok so has anything come from posting this no I don't think so. If anything Downers Grove Karate dislikes you even more for taking it to this level this immaturity doesn't surprise me though I always felt that you were childish even though I am younger. So did you even think that maybe that was a reason you didn't git black because you haven't matured enough to become black. At least Downers Grove Karate doesn't have to worry about you being a lose canning while sparing and hurting people in the lower ranks.
Hey JonnyB,

Is everyone at that school a self-righteous, I-told-you-so, holier-than-thou, stuck up snob who thinks their **** don't stink... or is it just you and coopV?

I think we all got the point. CoopV and KenpoScum were both kinda in the wrong and your added 2 cents doesn't seem to be helping anything.

It always occurs to me that the same dorks who claim to know the true attibutes of being a black belt are the ones who put up the condecending airs.
Can we get this thread locked or something? I think any positives that can possibly be taken from this thread have been - from here it's only going to be downhill.

This thread is locked, but feel free to start other threads that discuss related topics. The general issue of what to do if one feels one is no longer progressing at one's school but one has invested much time there, for example, is certainly worthy of further discussion.

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