I downloaded a video from kazaa called sudo_taekwondo_k1, i just typed in "sudo" for the criteria. I watched it and it was kind of silly. I mean they kept falling and were bouncing around like they're dizzy. Ive only seen 1 live tkd competition and it was nothing like that. See it for yourself. Do you see McDojo?
I've competed in a few TKD tournaments where the full contact (WTF rules) sparring matches can get pretty intense. Seen plenty of knockouts, broken bones and blood at these tourneys... :eek:

The participants from Mc Dojangs are eliminated fairly quickly, and are often at the receiving end of the damage being inflicted. Perhaps, IMO, that's why many of these types of practitioners choose to compete in only the poomse competition. No harm no foul, and no axe kicks to the head to worry about... :rolleyes:
Ha, Mass roundhouse tournament's about right.

I remember going to one WTF organized tourney, and these folks from a dojang called TigerDen showed up, dressed in red-and-black gis. This wouldn't be so bad if the red and black didn't alternate from side to side in a jester's pattern (red on right shoulder, black on left shoulder, then alternating sides down the uniform).

Suffice it to say, they got vaped by our dojang right-quick. The only problem was, their instructor told one of their "black belts" to do a number on one of ours, and threw one punch that cracked the orbital bone (the one that protects the eye, in case any don't know) of one of our black belts. Our guy gets back up, and puts the TigerDen knuckle-duster down with a side kick that knocked him back several feet. The guy took a while to get up. Glass jaws, corruption, and geeky uniforms abound at McDojangs, the place where we love to see you smile as we rip the money right out of your (insert censorship of phrases that would make a sailor blush here).
I just downloaded the clip you're tlaking about from Kazaa and it's from a K1 tournament, one guy is a korean TKD guy the other is Japanese and what I assume is some form of kick boxing. It's actually not a bad fight, knock out blow is a spin backfist/hammer fist side strike. again it just shows the importance of keeping your hands up. Worth checking out but nothing that impressive, I'll stick it up on my site and add a link for download here in a little bit.

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