What kind of mats? Aerobics, Wrestling, Judo, etc....

How much floor space are you trying to cover?

Details man, details! :D

School is Ninjutsu, I now have the 4 x 8 bi fld velcro about 1.5"thick. I think the space I want is about 15 X 15 or slightly more. The blue mats, and hopefully not to much shipping
For anyone needing mat's, Swain Mats are the only way to go. I love 'em, and would prefer I train on nothing less!
If you need really cheap ones, call your local Gymnasium...not an exercise gym, but a gymnastics gym and find out if they have any they'll sell you. They're always cirplusing their old ones, cause gymnasts need WAY more impact protection than your average martial artist. I have a mat that I use to practice breakfalls and stuff like that. I got it for like $20 at a gymnastics studio. They were just gonna toss it, because the padding was getting a little tamped down from so many gymnasts landing on it. It suits my purposes just fine, though.