Martial Arts Fight stories



Just intrested in hearing some of your fighting stories. Please list them below if you wish, Or a fight you have seen, Please no fights were someone get deadly hurt or shot etc. I just wanted to hear some stories of good old fashion fist fights.:cool:


Well, I get challenged a lot in my secondary line of work. Not like a fight out of anger, they just want to test me to see if I'm a qualified instructor. I haven't lost any, but I've had my deals of difficult situations. And yes, it is challenged under controlled situations, something like the UFC. Not an all out street fight.

The most difficult match was against a traditional tae kwon do father who didn't have enough time to teach his own son, a shuai chiao, and a wrestling instructor of a local high school who is also in the hall of fame for coaching.

The wierdest situation was when the TKD guy performed a side kick at my knee. I moved out of the way mostly, but it felt like needles. Oh, and I was put in this weird lock by another guy. Wasn't meant for a submission but rather so you don't move. The only reason I got out is because of pressure-point fighting.