LV Cop with history of violence issues found "out of line" in beating of videographer

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Las Vegas police officer Derek Colling was found by an internal investigation to have “violated several Metropolitan Police Department policies” in a videotaped beating of a man in March an internal investigation found. The victim, Mitchell Crooks' complaint about officer Derek Colling's excessive force was sustained, according to Deputy Chief Gary Schofield. What policies were violated isn't clear as the specific policy violations will not be released until the case is finalized.

Crooks was in his driveway on the night of March 20, videotaping police as they investigated a burglary report across the street. Officer Colling confronted him and ordered him to stop recording. Crooks said that when he refused to stop filming, Colling arrested and beat him, with much of the altercation recorded by the camera.

Other LV PD are not happy with Collings
Rank-and-file officers who spoke to the Review-Journal after the incident were as demoralized as the public was incensed.
"The majority of us think Colling made a mistake," one patrol officer said. "All the officers I talked to understand that citizens will see this video, and yeah, we know it looks bad."

However they also don't like Crooks either
Crooks, who still carries his camera, said he was stopped last month by a Las Vegas officer who recognized him .
He was issued a ticket for no proof of insurance that was later dismissed, Crooks said.

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