Long Form 1 Question



In Infinite Insites Vol 5 Mr. Parker details the moves contained in Long 1 (Pg 22).Number 6c says Roundhouse Punch. However, I can't find a roundhouse in the entire form. After speaking with people more knowledgeable than I we have made the conclusion that either a) it is a typo, or b) the uppercuts are considered roundhouses on the vertical plain. I just don't envision uppercuts as being circular in nature or following any of the rest of the definition of a roundhouse Any help out there?
Could be one of those mistakes that were purportedly put in SGM Parker's books to see who was book learning as opposed to seeing a live instructor.

What about the punches to 3 and 9? Throw those 4 isolations from fighting stance and you see jab, cross, hook, uppercut. Just a thought.
What about the punches to 3 and 9?

I thought about those but in the detailed instuctions it specifically states Left (or Right) Straight Thrust Punch to 12/10:30/1:30/9/3 o'clock.