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Oct 26, 2003
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These are the classes I've written for the month of July. In the Beginner class we'll be working on Front Kicks and Breakfalls, Backnuckle Strikes, and Knee Strikes. I also wrote a class for the Basic Boxing theme although we won't be teaching it because the school is closed on the Fourth. In the Intermediate class we're on our grappling theme, but since all these students have already been through my basic grappling curriculum, I've decided to write a series of theme classes on grappling approaches. So we have classes on Grabs, Pushes, Holds, Takedowns, Locks, Chokes and Strangulations, Weapon Assist Grappling, and Submission Grappling. In those classes the students will explore how each of these approaches can be used both standing and on the ground.

Standard notation are as follows, () means general aspects or evolutions of drills and concepts. <> means advanced variations or ideas which students may or may not be prepared for. [] mean clarifying commentary. {} means actions taken specifically by the defender within the context of a drill. || to connote dangers, risks, or areas of special concern. Exercise activities are listed in italics.

Abbreviations of Terms

fk front kick
rk rear kick
ssk side snap kick
wk wheel kick
stk side thrust kick
ohhk outward heel hook kick
uhhk upward heel hook kick
rhk kenpo style roundhouse kick
rhk(mt) muay thai style roundhouse kick
ick inward crescent kick
ock outward crescent kick
tsk thrusting sweep kick
A(B) traditional kenpo sparring technique where the student grabs the opponent's lead hand and executes a downward or outward pull to put the opponent out of position
bks backknuckle strike
ihp inverted horizontal punch
vp vertical punch
ihs inward handsword
ohs outward handsword
irhs inward reverse handsword
orhs outward reverse handsword
fihs forward inverted handsword
phs palm heel strike
ubf upper body fake
lbf lower body fake
1 push drag
2 step drag
3 drag step
4 front crossover
5 step through
6 rear crossover

Also, if you see a basic with another basic in parentheses, A(B), fk(vp), that means that the drill in question could be done with either basic for the same general effect and should be practiced as an option drill.

Finally, when a basic is underlined that means it is executed by the rear hand.

Here we go.

Warm Up
Stretch (shoulders + knees)
Straight Palms and Punches from a Horse Stance Air (form, targeting, |knuckles and wrists|)
Fighting Stance Air (jab, cross, jab/cross)
Line Drill Air (advancing/stepping through with jabs and crosses)
Abdominal Exercise Bicycles in the Air (1 minute)
Pad Drill Form, Accuracy (jab/cross, pivoting)
Shield Drill Speed, Power (advancing and retreating, circling)
Back Exercise Forward Bend with Medicine Ball (3 Directions = 1, 5 repetitions)
Bob and Weave Air, Partner (form, |bend knees, not back|, <come up countering>)
Cover Air, Partner (form, tilting in/away)
Core Exercise Squat Thrust (no pushup, 10 repetitions)
Hooks and Uppercuts from a Fighting Stance Air (form, targeting, |pivoting and rising|)
White Blocking Set 1 (blocks and checks, proper blocking depth)
F.A.S.P. (|knowledge factor|, form, accuracy, speed, power)
Yellow Kicking Set 1 (lead and rear foot kicking techniques)
State Management (|knowledge factor|, emotional to rational)
Orange Sparring Set 1 (lead and rear hand striking techniques)
Permutations (|knowledge factor|, rearranging basics for exponential combinations)
Dynamic Drills
Blocking Set 1 Body (blocks and strikes alternating on the body)
Kicking Set 1 Pads (form and accuracy)
Sparring Set 1 Pads (form and accuracy)
Technique Drills
Basic Grab Escapes Body (straight and cross, sloughing, counter grabs)
Techniques on the Body
Spontaneous Activities
Strike/Bob/Cover Partner Drill (dynamic, instructor calling actions, <spontaneous>)
Cover on the Wall Partner Drill (cover, watch for haymaker opening, blast off wall with palms/punches to centerline)

Warm Up
Stretch (wrists + elbows)
Basic Wrist Grabs Partner (straight and cross, basic escapes/sloughing/countergrabs)
Basic Body Grabs Partner (one and two hands, shoulders and lapels, pinning/sloughing/circling)
Basic Hair Grabs Partner (manipulating with the head, pinning/covering/twisting escapes)
5 Basic Holds Partner (manipulating the opponent, base/strong line/escape)
Grabbing at Ranges Partner (grabbing at the hands/wrists/forearms/biceps/shoulders, dynamic)
Competitive Grabbing Partner (grabbing and controlling, pressing/pulling, escaping, manipulating with grabs)
Blue Whirling Momentum (pinning/striking as the hands naturally raise from position changes, angular momentum, jamming the opponents pressure with forward strikes, bringing the target to the weapon)
Technique Families (|knowledge factor|, inside/outside, grappled/struck, grabbing/striking)
3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Brown Desperate Falcons (pressing in to energized positions, pinning with the cross hand, piggy back strikes)
1[SUP]st[/SUP] Brown Circling the Storm (glancing/solid elbow strikes, passing the opponent with hi/low strikes, striking the groin from behind)
Dynamic Drills
Basing out of Pushes with Controlling and Striking Partner (push the sternum/shoulders, {base/control/counter/reposition})
Controlling with Arm Bars Partner (stepping in/out of wrist grabs with arm bar control, leveraging the opponent forward/away/around with elbow/shoulder pressure)
Stepping in to Linear Strikes Partner (attack with linear punches/kicks/weapon thrusts, {block/parry/evade and step directly into opponent with strikes)
Entry Techniques
Grabbing Opponent's Strikes (hooking parries to grabbing techniques against opponents kicks and punches)
Grabbing and Striking with the On Arm/Off Hand (flapping elbow strikes, target to weapon)
Pulsing with Grabs (quick, sharp shaking maneuvers to shock the opponent)
Spontaneous Activities
Stand Up Fighting (getting and maintaining grabs against a resisting opponent)
Ground Fighting (grabbing and constant position changes)

Warm Up
Stretch (arms + legs)
Push Hands Partner (balance and pressure, strong line/weak line)
Swinging Away from Push Attacks Partner (one handed pushes, gate principle, stepping forward or back)
Stepping Back from Push Attacks Partner (two handed pushes, establish a base and block in/out/up/down)
Forearm Cross Body Check Partner (controlling the shoulders front and back)
Walking the Opponent with Pushes Partner (four points (hips and shoulders) front and back)
Pushing a Prone Opponent's Legs Away Partner (opponent prone, hook legs and push away to either side, reset, <stepping in and blocking with legs>)
Pushing a Standing Opponent Away While Prone Partner (using legs to block/jam/press opponent away)
Pushing off an Opponent While on the Ground Partner (with arms to stand up, with legs to roll away)
Blue Sparring Set 2 (dynamic kicking and punching with guard sweeps and pulling checks)
3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Brown Club Set 2 (two handed grips, lasso strikes, hooks)
1[SUP]st[/SUP] Brown Long Form 4 (defenses against punches and kicks)
Dynamic Drills
Kick/Punch Combinations Body (practicing taking advantage of openings caused by opponent's blocking technique)
Sinawali Club Strikes Partner (sinawali, in place, switching, <circling>)
Spontaneous Defense Against Punches and Kicks Partner (stepping in with blocks and parries)
Techniques on the Body
Repositioning Techniques
Moving through the Opponent's Position (body slams and penetrating steps, moving forward and back)
Waterwheel Technique (to take the back for holds/takedowns)
Pushing the Opponent to the Ground (from in front, from behind, from above (opponent bent forward))
Spontaneous Activities
Stand Up Fighting (using pushes to off-balance and reposition the opponent)
Ground Fighting (pushing the opponent off and away using arms and legs to escape to a standing position)

Warm Up
Stretch (front of legs + lower back)
Backfalls (form, arm motions, sitting, squatting, standing/squatting, standing, |tucking the chin|)
Front Kicks Air (natural stance, fighting stance, form, accuracy)
Front Kicks Pads (natural stance, fighting stance, form, accuracy)
Chest Exercise Offset Pushups (10 each right and left side)
Shadowbox with Backfalls (4 directions, hands and feet, fall on command, rise and continue)
Shield Drills Power (fk on shield, fall on command, rise on command, |dangers of landing from kicks|)
Core Exercise Medicine Ball Torso Twist with a Partner (30 seconds each direction)
3 Person Front Kick Drill Pressing Away ( x o x, x = shields, o = student, front kick/turn/front kick/turn, shields stepping back and in)
Forearm Exercise Grippers (3 directions, 30 repetitions each)
White Blocking Set 1 (blocks and checks, proper blocking depth)
F.A.S.P. (|knowledge factor|, form, accuracy, speed, power)
Yellow Kicking Set 1 (lead and rear foot kicking techniques)
State Management (|knowledge factor|, emotional to rational)
Orange Sparring Set 1 (lead and rear hand striking techniques)
Permutations (|knowledge factor|, rearranging basics for exponential combinations)
Dynamic Drills
Blocking Set 1 Body (blocks and strikes alternating on the body)
Kicking Set 1 Pads (form and accuracy)
Sparring Set 1 Pads (form and accuracy)
Technique Drills
Spontaneous Defenses against Grabs Partner (one and two handed grabs, {grapple escapes/striking escapes})
Techniques on the Body
Spontaneous Activities
Kicking and Falling with Stand Ups Shields (dynamic, fall on command, circling)
Circling a Downed Opponent Partner Drill (static walking an outline, dynamic circling, <kicking>)

Warm Up
Stretch (shoulders and wrists)
Passing the Arm Hold Partner (inside/outside, <setting the toss>)
Clinch Control Partner (one arm/two arm, front/rear, driving/pulling/pivoting, {anchoring/wedging/sloughing})
Nelson Holds Parnter (quarter/half/full, walking and controlling, holding and cranking)
Double Under Arm Hold (front/rear, dragging down/driving forward)
Double Chicken Wing Hold Partner (controlling/pivoting/lifting, {striking behind and slipping free})
Dynamic Bearhugs Partner (front/side/rear, arms in/out, {base/pin/wrap})
Lifting Crotch Hold Partner (front/rear full crotch hold, crotch and arm cross back lift)
Securing the Leg Hold Partner (drop leg pick, leg pick from lead leg sweep, passing the leg hold)
Scissor Body Hold Partner (from prone position, transitioning to mount)
Driving Holds Partner (hi/low body lock, bouncer's exit)
Blue Flashing Bolts (inside out scissoring arm bar, inward slicing middle knuckle, looping overhead punch, trapping punches, striking through the orbital rim)
Four Basic Motions (|knowledge factor|, snap, thrust, whip, slice)
3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Brown Unfolding the Dark (defensive side kick, 180 degree reverse spinning leg sweep, shearing with the hands and feet, striking a falling opponent)
1[SUP]st[/SUP] Brown The Ram and The Eagle (excision, overlapping circles, long range multiple opponent manipulation)
Dynamic Drills
Catching Punches with Grabs and Traps Partner (starting slowly, execute jabs and crosses, {counter with grabs, scissoring traps, and <overlapping parry traps>)
Sweeps Body (lead leg pulling, rear sliding leg, 180 reverse spinning leg, static/dynamic, h/p)
Manipulating Two Opponents Body (two dummies, student practices grabbing and striking while maneuvering around dummy opponents, <dummies becoming increasingly dynamic, with foot maneuvers and striking>)
Techniques on the Body
Manipulation Techniques
Moving the Opponent (lifting/dragging/pressing/turning)
Escaping Holds (small circle/strikes/stomps/headbutts/sloughing)
Spontaneous Activities
Stand Up Fighting (securing and maintaining holds)
Ground Fighting (pinning the opponent to the ground)

Warm Up
Stretch (back + legs)
Falls (back, side, front)
Falling While Holding an Opponent Partner (sacrifice falls, sitting/squatting/crouching/standing)
Strikedowns Partner (striking down from above, pressing the opponent to the ground)
Sweeps Partner (rear sliding, lead leg pulling, thrusting sweep kick, 180 degree reverse/forward spinning)
Trips Partner (pulling the opponent over the leg from the front/rear, single leg hold and sweep)
Throws Partner (straight leg throw, hip throw, snap mare head throw, backwards rolling throw)
Tackles Partner (mid line, high line, pressing bearhug)
Takedowns Partner (single leg, double leg, inside reaping, ankle roll)
Lifts Partner (fireman's carry, double leg, high crotch side)
Slams Partner (rear shoulder drag, front hair grab)
Dragdowns Partner (forward and turning clinch, front and rear bearhug)
Blue Striking Set (re-orbiting closed hand strikes, circling from the elbow)
3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Brown Leopard Set (first four labels, chinese hand)
1[SUP]st[/SUP] Brown Long Form 4 (stance transitions and angle stepping)
Dynamic Drills
Re-Orbiting Strikes Pads (form and accuracy)
Leopard Applications Body (first four labels)
Deceptive Footwork Against Straight Punches Body (barrel stepping and diamond stepping)
Techniques on the Body
Takedown Defenses
Takedown Evasion (stepping away/out of takedown attempts, pivoting off line)
Sprawl (spread/drive/scramble)
Striking Defenses (striking down to the opponent's spine)
Spontaneous Activities
Stand Up Fighting (fighting to the takedown)
Ground Fighting (rolling to throw the opponent away)

Warm Up
Stretch (shoulders + torso)
Backnuckle Strikes Air (form, outward downward diagonal, outward horizontal, vertical downward)
Backnuckle Strikes Pads (right and left side, accuracy)
Pad Flash Response Striking Partner Drill (speed, for bks, hi/low targets, in place/circling, | hyperextending the elbow|)
Leg Exercise In Place Squats (normal, wide, superwide, 3 sets 8 repetitions each)
Backnuckle Strike Drill 1 Partner Drill (horse stance, overlapping checks, targeting)
Chest Exercise 5 Fingertip Pushups (15 repetitions)
Backnuckle Strike Drill 2 Partner Drill (bks/check, alternating, right and left side, in place, fighting stance)
Core Exercise Medicine Ball Over/Under Pass with a Partner (30 seconds each way)
White Blocking Set 1 (outer rim |egg zone|, proper blocking structure |135 degrees|)
5 P's to Master the Art (|knowledge factor|, Practice, Patience, Perseverance, Polish, Perfect)
Yellow Kicking Set 1 (kicking combinations, kicking after landing)
Complimentary Angle (|knowledge factor|, 90 degrees, best angle for transference of force)
Orange Sparring Set 1 (hand combinations, guard clearing motions)
Invisible Enemies (|knowledge factor|, Ego, Perfectionism, Fickleness, Impatience, Complacency, Unhealthy Comparisons)
Dynamic Drills
Blocking Set on the Body Line Drill (blocks and strikes advancing and retreating)
Kicking Set on the Shields Line Drill (kicks against the shield advancing and retreating)
Sparring Set on the Body Partner (circling sparring style with lead and rear hand strikes, h/p)
Technique Drills
Competitive Grabbing Partner (grabbing and escaping, passing hand to hand, manipulating with grabs)
Techniques on the Body
Spontaneous Activities
Defending Backnuckle Strikes Partner Drill (moving, hunter/prey, blocking, <ihp counter>,
Checking Strikes (bks drill 2 moving, then add vp/vp, slow to med, |open hands, one stick/bundle of sticks|)

Warm Up
Stretch (wrists + shoulders)
Wrist Locks Partner (inside, outside, downward, z-lock)
Elbow Locks Partner (straight arm bar, inside/outside scissoring arm bar, overlapping parries trap, single arm bent elbow trap)
Shoulder Locks Partner (vertical, hammerlock, hammer and bar, figure four, entwined head and arm)
Head Locks Partner (front/side/rear/inverted)
Leg Locks Partner (squatting knee bar, straight knee bar, straight ankle, twisting ankle)
Spine Locks Partner (lifting arm and leg wrench, rear chin standing/prone, chin and shoulder)
Blue Attacking the Roots (getting behind the opponent, twisting in and out of kicks, striking the roots)
Constituents of Motion (|knowledge factor|, what, when, where, why, how)
3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Brown Twirling Sacrifice (full and half nelson, side double leg lift, double arm forehead brace)
1[SUP]st[/SUP] Brown Leap of Death (concave stance, leaping double heel stomp, rear chin lock)
Dynamic Drills
Landing from Kicks and Re-Launching Kicks Shields (execute a side thrust kick/land/re-launch side kick, repeat)
Stepping out of Holds Partner (hold, {brace/base/escape}, alternate)
Controlling a Face Down Opponent Partner (knee on back, concave stance, rear mount, maintaining position and control, {escape with increasing intensity})
Techniques on the Body
Control Techniques
Walking the Opponent (pain compliance and commanding)
Locking Takedowns (controlling the opponent to the ground with locks)
Spontaneous Activities
Stand Up Fighting (submission grappling)
Ground Fighting (submission grappling)

Warm Up
Stretch (neck + chest)
Sealing the Air Partner (guillotine choke, pressing thumb choke, smothering)
Sealing the Blood Partner (rear naked choke, crossed wrist gi choke, standing d'arce choke, triangle choke)
Positional Asphyxia Partner (sitting/laying on the chest, standing torso crush)
Trachea Strikes Partner (handsword, half fist snapping punch, forearm compression)
Blue Striking Set (re-orbiting with open hand strikes, re-orbiting from blocks)
3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Brown Leopard Set (next four labels)
1[SUP]st[/SUP] Brown Long Form 4 (stepping in to attacks)
Dynamic Drills
Re-Orbiting from Defenses Partner (strike/{block}/re-orbit and strike, maintain contact and pressure)
Leopard Applications Body (next four labels)
Stepping in to Attacks Partner (straight punches and kicks, {step in with blocks/parries/evasion and counter})
Techniques on the Body
Sealing Techniques
Throttling (sharp pulsing motions to disorient)
Striking while Sealing (one arm chokes/strangles with offhand striking)
Fighting without Oxygen (shadowboxing and sparring in bursts while holding the breath)
Spontaneous Activities
Stand Up Fighting (closing and controlling with chokes/strangles)
Ground Fighting (submitting with chokes/strangles)

Warm Up
Stretch (hips + backs of legs)
Knee Strikes Air (form, lifting, thrusting, out, cross, roundhouse)
Knee Strikes Shields (power, circling)
Chest Exercise Super Slow Pushups (down and up, 5 repetitions)
Line Drill Air (step through knees, thrusting/lifting)
Line Drill Shields (step through knees, pressing/striking the opponent away)
Forearm Exercise Grippers (3 directions, 30 repetitions each)
Clinch Air, Body (form, control, alternating, {defenses})
Clinch/Knee Air, Body (switching, circling, {defenses})
Chest Exercise Medicine Ball Catch with Partner (pressing the ball away and catching with the hands, fighting stance, one minute)
Drop Knee Strikes Body (form, concept, controlling)
White Stance Set 1 (basic stances, stance transitions)
Yellow Elbow Set 1 (elbow strikes, opening and closing the hand)
White Dot/Black Dot Focus (|knowledge factor|, mushin/kime, when, why, where)
Orange Coordination Set 1 (block/punch combinations, kick/punch combinations)
5 Ways to Add Power (|knowledge factor|, speed, strength, ground leverage, torque, back up mass)
Dynamic Drills
Running Stances Line Drill (moving up and down the floor using stances and foot maneuvers)
Elbow Set 1 Pads (form and accuracy)
One Step Defenses Partner (spontaneous defenses against jabs and crosses with block/punch or block/kick combinations)
Technique Drills
Stepping back from Push Attacks Partner (base/block/counter, alternate)
Techniques on the Body
Spontaneous Activities
Defending against Knee Strikes in the Clinch (cross block, hip control, clinch escape)
3 Hit Kenpo (slow, incorporating knee strikes)

Warm Up
Stretch (wrists + shoulders)
Tool Assist Grabs Partner (single/double crossed wrist club trap)
Tool Assist Pushes Partner (two hand club push, thrusting club push)
Tool Assist Holds Partner (bouncer's exit club hold, cross body club hold)
Tool Assist Takedowns Partner (rear double ankle club takedown, crossed triceps club takedown)
Tool Assist Locks Partner (leveraging shoulder and neck club lock, hammerlock club lock, vertical shoulder club lock, figure four club lock)
Tool Assist Chokes Partner (rear inverted wrist club choke, rear crossed wrist club choke, smothering with objects, |puncturing the lungs|)
Blue Opposing Domination (looping armpit trap, destabilizing with bumps, sweeping and spinning)
Ten Considerations of Combat (|knowledge factor|, environment, range, positions, maneuvers, targets, weapons, defenses, cover and concealment, intent, circumstances)
3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Brown Fallen Cross A (thumb break, crossed arm elbow stack and break, stepping forward from rear chokes)
1[SUP]st[/SUP] Brown Capturing the Storm (redirecting the opponent's weapon arm, disarming and striking with the opponent's weapon, |legalities of weapons versus unarmed opponents|, inward/outward club strikes)
Dynamic Drills
Opposing Domination Variants Body (straight rear leg sweep, twisting inside calf sweep, high straight leg throw)
Defenses Against Rear Chokes Partner (two hand choke/forearm choke/naked choke, {protect air/strike/step away})
Disarming the Opponent Partner (attack with linear/circular club strikes, {evade/engage/disarm})
Techniques on the Body
Retention Techniques
Striking on the Draw (transitioning from strikes to grapples)
Losing the Weapon (releasing the weapon and striking)
Spontaneous Activities
Stand Up Fighting (striking and grappling with the weapon)
Ground Fighting (drawing and engaging the weapon)

Warm Up
Stretch (wrists + shoulders)
Grabs Partner (competitive grabbing)
Pushes Partner (swinging out/stepping back)
Holds Partner (swarming with holds)
Takedowns Partner (alternating takedowns increasing resistance)
Locks Partner (lock flow drill)
Chokes/Strangulations Partner (h/p chokes/strangulations increasing resistance to submission)
Blue Long Form 2 (technique expansion, alternating circular and linear strikes)
3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Brown Leopard Set (next four labels)
1[SUP]st[/SUP] Brown Long Form 4 (open hand strikes and changing levels)
Dynamic Drills
Alternating Circular and Linear Strikes Bag (hands/feet, striking along the circle and line)
Leopard Applications Body (next four labels)
Striking Hi and Low with Open Hands Shields (open hand strikes to head/torso/groin/legs, changing levels and circling)
Techniques on the Body
Street Grappling Techniques
Impact Grappling (sudden sharp applications against the joints)
Tool Assist Grappling (blocking/closing/locking/releasing/striking)
Spontaneous Activities
Stand Up Fighting (submission grappling with/without striking)
Ground Fighting (submission grappling with/without striking)

That's it.

I'm really excited about these classes. I think we're going to have a lot of fun in the intermediate class and I tried to explore new ideas in each of the beginner classes so that the more experienced students who have been through these themes before will still be exposed to something they haven't seen before.

Next month we'll be working on Karate Fighting again so I'm planning to focus more on long and short range striking during those classes, perhaps with some exploration of how other styles of combat sports approach fighting.

Feel free to use any of this material or not as you wish. If you have any questions just ask.