Latest Full Circle/Interview with Disabled MMA/NHB Martial Artist

Phil Elmore

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Mar 30, 2002
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The newest issue of Scott Sonnon's Full Circle magazine is online. My column this month is in interview with disabled martial artist Duane "Crutchmaster" Stevenson, who competes in NHB/MMA events despite having perhaps 70% use of his legs. My column appears here.

This is the second issue of Full Circle. I continue to be impressed by the wealth of information it contains. While I'm a little biased because my own work appears in the e-zine, it's a great free resource for those interested in fitness, conditioning, the martial arts, and related topics.
That is a great article. He's living proof that you can do anything in life you set your mind to as long as you try hard enough and don't give up. What a guy.:)
Great article! One thing I did find interesting, was:

The ring, to me, is easy. The streets have no mercy on
anyone, including me.

A message a lot of people have been trying to convey to NHB
posters here.

Another great job, Phil!
Thanks guys well this is my email if you wanna get intouch with [email protected] on the weekend
my classes are free if you live in houston texas or texas area.
Thanks phil your a true writer and thank you.
I also wanna say is i am a new member i am now
on teamsubmit and up and coming MMa mixed martial arts
fight team.Feel free to email me anytime

Hello, Duane! I'm so glad you liked how the interview turned out. Welcome!