Kenpo's Continuing Threads


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Apr 30, 2002
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Houston, Texas
I've noticed that in other systems there have been various instructors that have led seminars instead of only the head instructor of the organization. Dan Inosanto is an good example of this. Currently Vunak, Richardson, The Dog Bros, Erik Paluson, Larry Hartsell and countless others are spreading the word so to speak.

But Kenpo in all it divisions seem to only highlight the head instructor. Why don't we see the top black belts of those schools continuing the thread? Does the head instructor have to pass away or do you have to start your own organization and break away from your instructor to "spread the word"? Or are we just not asking them to come?

The only organization I would say that isn't like this in Kenpo is AKKI. I've seen adds on their site where various instructors participate in seminars across the country. It seems like Modern Aris was the same way. Prior to professors sickness you didn't really see others hosting the seminars, now they are doing them every weekend and I'm guessing prior to SGM Parker's passing there weren't any/many other people doing seminars on American Kenpo unless they were representing a different division of Kenpo. I may be wrong about this.



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Oct 29, 2001
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Actually, I would say that your example of the JKD concepts guys are doing is pretty similar to what AK is doing now. While Dan I taught them, they have gone on to form a distinct flavor to make them desirable on the seminar circuit.

Vunak's JKD is very different, with that huge emphasis on Headbutts, Knees, and Elbows.

The Dog Brothers (actually alot of them come from different backgrounds that Inosanto's JKD) are obviously doing something very different than most of the stick folk out there.

Richardson is doing his own thing, his JKDU training methods are different than Inosanto's.

Larry Hartsell is the main proponent of JKD grappling.

Several of these people have set up their own organizations (Dog Brothers MA, JKD Unlimited, Vunak' PFS, etc). So I think what the kenpo organizations are doing is very similar. I guess my question is why Kenpo seminars are less popular than the JKD guys.