Anyone know of this guy?


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Mar 8, 2002
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Grapevine, Texas
9th Degree Black Belt and Master of the Arts Richard "Huk"
Planas , the Instructors' Instructor!

Mr Planas is one of the most senior instructors in the AKKS
organization and is considered by many around the world as the
final authority on Kenpo forms and concepts. Mr Planas teaches
in a way that will be beneficial to both beginning and advanced
students of American Kenpo.

I am wondering, they discuss him at a school I am looking at attending and I am wondering if anyone else has heard of him :)
Huks a great guy. I recently got to spend a weekend with him, his brother Ed, Sean Kelly, Frank Trejo, Ed Parker Jr. and Doreen Cogliandro at the JK Kenpo camp.

If you get a chance to train with him, go for it. :)

More info at sites under construction at the moment, but should be fully live within the week. :asian:
Mr. Planas has a lot of knowledge. If given the chance and opportunity to train with him do so.
Jason Farnsworth
He's awesome! Is he coming to Grapevine?? When?
I'll soooooooo be there!
Its at a school in hurst. The Family Kempo Karate school. They say that he takes visits there every so often and trains with some of the students.

I was just checking this school sounds really fun and I'm looking forward to checking it out.
An an even better instructor.

Puts everything in perspective for me!
Wish I would've known sooner about (shame on you Kenpoists
from Big D!:mad: )

Carbon, there's a book out that is a "must
have" for all EPAKers, called The Journey and it's the bomb!
Huk's in it, along with several others who trained directly with Mr
Parker. I've been to 1 "Huk" seminar so far ... he's AMAZING at teaching!

The names of all those featured in this book:

Doreen Cogliandro
Dennis Conatser
Skip Hancock
Bryan Hawkins
Dave Hebler
Sean Kelley
Stephen LaBounty
Vic LeRoux
Bob Liles
Paul Mills
Steve Muhammad
Mike Pick
Richard "Huk"Planas
Rainer Schulte
John Sepulveda
Jeff Speakman
Chuck Sullivan
Dian Tanaka
Larry Tatum
Frank Trejo
Gilbert Velez
Lee Wedlake
Bob White
Donnie Williams
Special Elvis Presley memorial section (Elvis was a kenpoist)

If any of these guys do a seminar, I want to be there. Note also
that this is not a complete list of those considered the "Most
Prominent American Kenpoists of Today". Many weren't included
for various reasons.

I am surprised to hear that everyone is not familiar with Mr. Planas and his outstanding reputation. I need to get out more. :eek:

However, not only is Mr. Planas in the Journey but I also interviewed him years earlier on video.

Both items are available at

There are not many copies of the video left.
Both items are further discussed in the Pro Shop thread I believe.
Everyone should have both. Mr. Duffy is proud to offer them together on his site.