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Does anyone know where to pick up Secrets of Chinese Karate? or the Encyclopedia of Kenpo? Kenpo Karate Law of the Fist........Just curious if these are floating around out there anywhere at a decent price, I know Mr C was selling some of them a while back but I havent seen him around lately.

Has anyone picked up the Kenpo 201 by Mr Wedlake? I heard it covered the forms pretty well.....anyone know? is it worth picking up?

Lang Son Traders has them all, except the Wedlake books. They have the Sacha Williams ones and some others. I needed a new Volume 1 (II) and bought SECRETS OF CHINESE ...; MEMORIES OF ED PARKER; and KENPO KARATE - LAW OF THE FIST AND EMPTY HAND. They had the Encyclopedia, all 5 volumes of INFINITE INSIGHTS, INSIDE ELVIS (by SGM Parker) and his NUNCHAKU book.

I also order all my Gi's from them (KI) and a bunch of belts (solid KI's - stripes I get from Century), and some equipment and weapons. They have patches, shoes, bags, pants, T-Shirts with Kenpo logos. I don't generally use them for that, but it is there. They have a large selection of Chinese and Japanese Weapons, both bladed, wood, rigid and flexible. They have some Chinese herbals, and all the sparring gear, hand wraps, training aides you could ever need. They usually UPS out the next day and it always arrives in a timely fashion.

They are open from 11-6 Central Time - Phone: (817) 261-0065. They are located at 318 E. Abram St., Arlington, TX 76010.

They only book they were running low on was Volume 1 of II. Everything else was well stocked. They have been around a couple of decades and have a really good reputation. Tell them I sent you, they may give you wholesale prices if you make a large order and let them know you want to use them for one of your wholesalers.

Gee, I sound like an advertisement, I wonder if she would give me a cut???

Have fun, she understands english better than she speaks it, and is very clear in person, but less clear over the phone, so make sure everything is repeated back to you.

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Does anyone know where to pick up Secrets of Chinese Karate, Encyclopedia of Kenpo, or Kenpo Karate Law of the Fist? Mr C was selling some of them a while back but I havent seen him around lately. Brian


Speak of the devil and POOF!!! Ill remeber to keep my mouth shut HAHAHAHAHAAHA
I ordered "Kenpo Karate: Law of the Fist and Empty Hand" and "Secrets of Chinese Karate" from Lee Wedlake about a month ago. I also got four of the five "Infinite Insights" volumes from him last year (I ordered volume 1 on, and by the time I decided I wanted all five volumes they'd stopped carrying them). I've heard good things about Lee Wedlake's books, so I'll probably get at least the first one soon. Mr. Wedlake's web address is

I loved reading both of Ed Parker's first two books! For one thing, I recognized several of the techniques; for another, having read "Infinite Insights," I could really see how he modified his system over the years. Great reading!

Brian and other fellow Kenpoists,

AWMA (Asian World of Martial Arts) sells a variety of Mr. Parker's books and of course the I.K.K.A. sells most, if not all of Mr. Parker's books, including the book "Life and Times of Ed Parker" by Mrs. Parker. That is a great book too! :)

I also have a list of Kenpo books on my website at-

If there are any you might want to order I can get you the contact info.

In anycase, take care and good journey!

Joshua Ryer
UPK Pittsburgh
Mr. Wedlake's books are good. I have two of them. There are good useful information in them. I would recommend people to purachase them and take a look see.:D
Hey Brian,
try asking SIBOK, he has or had some a month ago, and he can get them for a desent price.


Mike D.
I usually have Kenpo Books in Stock.......

Infinite Insights 1-5..................$ 15.00 us
Encyclopedia of Kenpo....... ..........$ 25.00 us
Zen of Kenpo...........................$ 15.00 us
Kenpo Karate...........................$ 15.00 us
Secrets of Chinese Karate..............$ 15.00 us
Women's Guide to Self Defense..........$ 15.00 us
Ed Parkers Guide to the Nunchaku.......$ 15.00 us
Memories of Ed Parker..................$ 25.00 us

plus shipping and handling $4.50 & up (depending on how many books and how shipped)