Just thought I'd say HI

Brother John

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Jan 13, 2002
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Wichita Kansas, USA
Hey guys and gals.
I've got a computer at my new job, but con only get on for a couple of minutes every other day during my break....

latter yall.
Be nice.

Your Brother
Yeehaaaa!! Good seeing you! Ill give you call sometime here soon, good to see you got the job thing figured out!

good to see you got the job thing figured out!

Yeah.... I'm working corrections again!!!! The area I like the best.

Not much time now, sufice it to say.... things are really looking up. Still don't have a computer at home...... but that's just a matter of time.

Take it easy yall...
Your Brother

PS: YES, please do give a call some time Brian. We are moving this week.... just bought our new house! But the number is still the same. I work 2nd shift but usually have Monday & Tuesday off... but not tonight.
Good to see you and your little friend- I almost missed that strangely mesmerizing dance.

I'm glad you have a new home, new job- sounds exciting. Looking forward to seeing you back in form when time allows.

Hope all is well,

Knee is progressing nicely. Strength is slow to return, but doing well. Therapy girls are great. :D

I am able to do most of the yellow techs again. Stance Set is coming, but the twists are very difficult right now. Flow for Stance Set is terrible, but the leg is getting more coordinated again. Thinking about trying to make a class soon.


full contact baby!!!!

and the fact that I am a clutz did not help!!!


I like how that sounds, mind if I steal it?

Sort of like in College when I had a room mate that was "aggressively Stupid".

Glad to hear that things are going well for you and your knee. Mine's doing great. Keep positive, it makes a world of difference. AND remember: do EXACTLY what your therapist says to do, and NO MORE. Don't risk it. I WILL PREACH at YOU about THIS!! :soapbox:

later guys

Your Brother
You need to listen to the man JD, no more beating me up at work? k? :D
good to see you back on the scene again
:cheers: :drinkbeer

Hey Jason,
Good to see you round.
Hope things are doing well for ya.
Same to you guys, Stacks and Elfan...
SOON I will have my computer at home, then you will hear from me probably much more than you'd like. :shrug:

Luv yall...
Your Brother