Jow Ga Vs Wing Chun


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Aug 3, 2015
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So the guy in the video has it backwards. The guy the striped paints (red) is Jow Ga. Wing Chun is in Blue

Not sure what happened to the long fist techniques. I would have been a much shorter match if he knew how to use that.

Not Jow Ga. Just came across it. Geezz. They would be deadly if they knew how to cut angles. Too willing to eat a punch but dang. still some nice stuff. The only thing I really, really, dislike is that the video is sped up to make it look like they are faster than what they are. It cheapens their performance in my opinion hopefully this trend will stop.

@Tony Dismukes
See I wasn't hyping you up about you doing more Jow Ga lol.