Is my hellish experience in middle school wrestling an omen for how I'll handle mma training?


Apr 3, 2017
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Manchester UK
-Getting hurt/injured (potentially).

-The "tryhard macho" atmosphere of the team which to this day I find unspeakably annoying.

-Shame/frustration of being manhandled.

-My mouth-guard at the time left only a small whole from which to breathe so I felt like I was suffocating everytime I got on the mat.

-My dad decided it would be an intelligent idea to help coach, which put a whole other level of stress and pressure on top of what I was already doing.

-Having to embrace the grind, which was a mental skill I completely lacked.
yea i can see your dad beibg there beibg a problem, mine came to watch me play rugby once, i never asked him to come again, when he spent the rest of the week telling me what id done wrong.

your going to get man handled and potentialy hurt again, thats the nature of it, only you know if thats less of a problem now than it was then,? or at least try it and find out, there are less violent options than mma available to people that dont want to be punched/ choke into unconsciousness