Is Bush Next?

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Aug 4, 2001
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Land of the Free
Is Bush Next?
by Paul Craig Roberts

[FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif]The show trial of Saddam Hussein was drawn out until two days before the midterm US elections. The death sentence imposed on the former Iraqi president may help the deluded band of Bush supporters find victory in the defeat that Bush has met in Iraq and motivate them to support the beleaguered Republicans on November 7.

[/FONT] [FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif]But Saddams sentence will do nothing for reconciliation and peace among Iraqs Kurds, Sunnis, and Shiites. In Iraq the sentence is seen by all parties as revenge for the years of Sunni rule. Saddams sentence is perfectly timed to drive the rising sectarian conflict, which is already causing 100 or more Iraqi deaths per day, over the brink into full scale civil war. Indeed, one could conclude that the real purpose of the sentence is to achieve the neoconservative goal of a dismembered and impotent Iraq.

[/FONT] [FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif]Saddam was sentenced to death because 148 Shiites were killed in 1982 in the Iraqi governments response to an attempted assassination of Saddam. We have no way of knowing how many, if any, of the 148 were involved in the assassination attempt, or whether the botched attempt was a "black ops" event to enable the police to settle local scores or to take out potential trouble-makers. The killings, however, do not fit the propaganda picture of Saddam gratuitously killing people for the fun of it.

[/FONT] [FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif]Now that the Bush administration has adopted the torture and detention practices of Saddams regime, one wonders what would be the fate of Americans accused of an assassination plot against a US president?

[/FONT] [FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif]Saddams trial itself is suspect. The most qualified lawyer in the courtroom, former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, was ejected from the trial for handing Judge Abdul-Rahman a memo in which he said the trial was a "travesty" of law. I am confident that Ramsey Clark has more integrity than Abdul-Rahman.

[/FONT] [FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif]But, to get to the main point, let us assume that Saddam is guilty as charged and that his death so serves the cause of justice that it is worth heightened sectarian conflict and even full-fledged civil war. What did Saddam do that Bush, and Cheney, and Rumsfeld, and Blair have not done?

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