Intro-and a Request


Lucy Rhombus

Hello! I started studying karate (ryukyu hon kenpo kobujutsu) eight months ago and I'm addicted! I now have my first level orange belt (in our dojo each belt color has two levels). I convinced my husband to join me, and he's now a second-level yellow belt.

I'm also a freelance magazine writer, and have been pitching articles about martial arts to various magazines. So far I've sold an article on the health benefits of martial arts to Oxygen, a women's fitness magazine. It should be on the stands in a few months.

I have Boys' Life magazine potentially interested in an article about martial arts, so I'm looking for Boy Scouts ages 7 to 17 who are advanced in any martial arts. If anyone on this board--or any of your kids--fits this description, please e-mail me at lucyrhombus at hotmail dot com.

Thanks, and I look forward to participating in your discussions!