Inspiration, B.O.B. and "Focus"


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Sep 1, 2001
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Well, there is something magical about beating up on B.O.B. :D I really wish I had my own. :(

One thing I enjoy using B.O.B. for is to practice one-knuckle fist (ippon ken, phoenix eye fist, dragon's tooth, etc) to the ribs. May not be terribly damaging in real life, but it hurts like the dickens :) Throat strkes are also fun. Eye jabs are a blast. The only problems I have with B.O.B. are:

1) kicking him over is a little embarassing if working in a group. Also very loud if B.O.B. is on the second floor. :)

2) punching him for so long that I can't open my hands properly for two days. :)

Will work for B.O.B. :D

Luckily my B.O.B. is my basement. But you are right banging B.O.B. is magical. I go very hard on him to the point where he has had reconstructive plastic surgery with clear silicone to repair the rip in his face. The nose at he base of the cheek gave in, but he is much better now.
The B.O.B. I've been fortunate enough to use belongs to the school's martial arts club. Some dingbat took a stick to his face, but luckily didn't know how to use it and just ended up scraping some paint onto B.O.B.'s face.

envious of Rob's B.O.B. and Gou's Warrior Phase I.
No B.O.B. comment but I do have to say so what if they have no clue. You don't have to have anything but the system from them to learn and utilize it. t a tremendous opportunity. I would love to train while I look at something in a different paradyme from what the others are doing. No competitio, no show, just pure and honest study. Bruce also loved that kind of experience noting that is was rare to find....GO GET IT
I have discussed the self defense aspects of what they are doing, they have no wish to explore them. They are actually a pretty closed minded splinter group, and unsless the leader of the Tai Chi group tells them something they don't hear you. The guy who teaches tai chi went to a week end long seminar and learned the form and now teaches it. I prefer to train with people who like to explore what they are learning.

Gou in t he guys are fun to work with, they are are all willing to explore what is put before them.
Cthulhu -

You've got to see Renegade's Focusmaster! You'd turn green .
Focusmasters are really cool to work with. Years ago we had the impax system with the lights that told you where to hit. It was so great. It really helped develop speed and timing. It was reall neat watching my instructor blast away as soon as there was a hint of light. That made me really want to make my training worth while.
I've seen the focus master Renegade:erg: has and I am totally jealous. I keep bugging Jaybacca to look at it and try and build one on the cheap.
Anyone got a link on this FocusMaster? Nevermind...I can probably find something on it online on my own. Great. Another item to add to my wishlist. Why are all the quality striking pads/tools/devices/toys so dang expensive???

I split this off the main thread as it went from inspiration to equipment.
I would've done it myself, except there is already a martial arts equipment thread, and I forget which one I'm posting to. :D

That helmet issue dude. :)

Ok, I got this worked out...(Yes I'm off topic here...) Gou wants to be bigger, I want to be want to fit into a helmat, and I want my long hair back....we just need a nice transporter accident to transfer your hair to me, my extra pounds to gou whose metabolism will make him into "Arnuld". Gou gets buff, you get to use helmat, and I get to look like my avatar. :)

Seriously though...that focus masters kool. BOB too, great for working on sword work (padded blades gooood)


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