Pressure Point Question - Vulcan Neck Pinch?

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Ok, this may be a weird one, :) but as an old school Treker, I've often wondered if there was a "Real World" idea or concept behind this thing. I've noticed that applying pressure to the area between the head and shoulder can cause a person pain, and tend to really annoy em, but, is there a martial idea behind it? or application?

Hi Kaith,

Although my Trekkie knowledge is serverly lacking ;)...

The point at the nape of the neck is called uko (in some arts). It is an agonizing point when struck or when pressure is applied correctly. A strike to that place can certainly knock someone unconscious (if solid and the angle is correct), but I'm not aware of it happening from a pinch.

Hope that helps some..
The back side of the body where the pinch is part of the fire meridian, the front side is metal. As for the pinch working I really have no idea.

But still, Live long and prosper.
I think you'll find that some Pekiti Tersia guys will use the neck to break down an opponent to his knees. Of course they're using the knife point to do so too.
Leonard Nimoy stated in an interview that he didn't feel that a pacifistic society would throw punches. (I'm summarizing here). So he improvised, and the famous "Vulcan Nerve/Neck Pinch" was born. While the Chinese knew about such areas of effect, most of the "Americans" (western civilization) wouldn't understand it for several decades later. I do not believe that any Martial concepts were used to develop it (I believe it was improv)

The fact that several different martial traditions happen to use nerve and pressure point concepts that deal with the same area is a total coincidence.

I think most points of the human body can be improvised pressure points, meaning, if you know how to apply pressure to that point, you cause pain. It's really just a matter of understanding how to manipulate/handle/hit/pinch/etc the soft tissues, sometimes in conjunction with underlying bone. I'm not talking about the more esoteric stuff involving chi/ki meridians or anything. I'm just talking about causing pain :D

BTW, that was a very interesting thing you posted about Nimoy, Kaith. Surprisingly valid point he made, too.

Nani? (looks in mirror) nope, no ball cap here. :)

seriously, it does work great on annoying little nephews. :)
Ball cap? Ball cap? I think I missed something.

Hehehe -Keil- mentioned Nimoy....

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I seem to recall that there is a large nerve running near the shoulder/neck I belive it is the "vagus" branching from c-2, c-3? I am not postive but I woudl sau if I was to try a vulcan "neck pinch" (I have no idea why...) that is what I would shoot for.

Despair Bear
Does anyone have a good JPG of the"Chi" flow through that area?

When I was about 10, my best friend and I were really into Star Trek and he would always try to do the Vulcan nerve pinch on me. It did hurt, but then I would grab my notebook and wack him in the face with it until he released the grip. Thanks for bringing back a fond and funny memory! Amazing how he would hold on thinking that eventually I would pass out as I hit him with the notebook multiple times (actually, I think it was one of those "Trapper Keepers.")

for a rockin good time try Kino Mutai (art of pinching, biting and eye gouging of the 147 bite points on the body the trap muscles are on that list. Many can handle the pain of a pinch to that area if they train it enough. to counter that pinch less muscle and more skin for a pain response. if you bite it and rip not remove. you must have uninterupted biting from a deep gable type grip/clinchs this too much ? maybe too out there

I have to also say Keil. This is Jim. Sorry for my response man. wasn't thinking when I though I was. My bad.
Hey, Jim, that post seemed kind of disjointed to me. Could you clarify, particularly with the kino mutai?


That's what I get for posting in a hurry. Kino Mutai. This is an art that focuses on biting, pinching and eye gouging. within this art there exists 147 bite points on the body (assuming maximum target effect. any area may be a target for this but the 147 are the best points with little user injury) There needs to be uninterupted biting, which really is ripping and tearing. to do so uninterupptedly you need to aquire specific positions and clinch/grip to bite/pinch/eye gouge without the opponents retaliation and to get the desired response from them. I only know of Dan Inosanto's students teaching this FMA art. specifically Paul Vunak to his Instructors. I know of no others. If any of you do please tell me. Acording to Dan he was the only one it could have ultimately come from.
Thanks for the clarification, Jim. I'm gonna hunt around online and see if kino mutai brings anything up. Probably just links to Vunak's site :)


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