I forgot the school that someone told me please help me


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Mar 8, 2002
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Grapevine, Texas
I forgot the name of the school and the address of it when someone told me the Kempo school near Grapevine, Texas.

I was going to visit it the other day and I couldn't remember where it was?

So If someone has a good idea of who told me this information or where it is, I know I could look for grapevine kempo or something I've tried that and I didn't find anything.

So any help would be appreciated.
I think it was Vince Fuess that recommended the school to you.
Maybe you can PM him.
You can also check out Tommy Burks, Keith Gorum, and Rick Fowler while in the area.

If intersted email me and I will give you their phone #s or websites.
Good idea!!! I have never used online yellow pages before. Yes, I can install a hub and router and get a network up, I do webpage stuff, and am on a computer at work.... but speak of not seeing the forest for the trees. Lots of Kenpo in the area, lots of small towns, sorta getting to be like L.A. circa 1977. Look in Arlington, Huerst, Euliss, Bedford, as well as Dallas, Grapevine, and Fort Worth. Many, many more towns, almost all the way up to Denton now.

Have fun and train hard.
-Michael B.
... the more the merrier (and more likely he will find somewhere to train where he "connects"), besides, getting around in the Dallas area now bites!!! Once again the most important factor comes to play ... you know, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Your way he can hit the Kenpo schools closest and report back to us what it is really like in the Dallas area now days.

Then he can call me and set up with the distance Training Program with me. LOL


By the way...... yes I will help you with most of the weapon sets you want.
... I am in no rush for the sets, but did not tape myself lo those 15 years ago. Anyhow, what is your long distance thing???? Are you going to do the Chuck Sullivan tape thing, or be more creative and do the internet thing? Breaking new ground, breaking faces, breaking hearts, etc.

Long Distance Training (LDT)....... similar to the IKCA but with my QC & curriculum. (not for the fient of heart). lol (but you should know that)

I'd like to get a look at that program someday.

{hint, hint} :angel:
Yeah, me too! Sounds like lotsa fun! Lets run him down Dot!
ME? Working??? Yes GD of course I am working. And so is the third Cam I have tried. Hold your breath a little longer while I kick the crap outa Mr Murphy and his stupid Law, and then you will have plenty of work. Didn't ya know what I've been up to lately? You oughta check in sometime and I'll update you. Hee hee hee.
Yes, but you will surely make up for it with all the time you are gonna have to spend on this crappy tape, GD. When I watched my trial run today, even I could correct my own mistakes they were so obvious. I'm sure you will have a field day. Unless it makes you wanna run and hide!! LMAO!

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