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Oct 13, 2002
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How many of you attend more than one MA school for the same style MA ?Is it lack of classes and you want more or some other reason like wanting different instructors....different insights.....
For my FMA training, I don't need to worry about it, since I have two instructors in the group I train with.

I doubt your going to find but very few people who train in one style with seperate instructors. Unless this is done under one roof. Example Head instructor then he has five asst. instructors. However there may be more knowledgable instructors out there in the same art but then you would have to pick one or the other. This gets to be a touchy subject. Two different instructors teaching the same art with two different views on the same thing.
i think training at more than one school for the same style is a little silly. they will both do things a bit different and it could be easy to confuse them. thats just my opinion though:asian:
my asking this is because I wonder what I'm missing. I know there are many different kinds of kempo and instructors and ways of doing things. We don't spar and you all say sparring is essential to the art. we aren't allowed to watch the black belts and many of you can in your school. I like my school, the instructor and the students.I am learning a lot. I just can't help wondering what other schools would teach. I would rather stay with my school but if it's not a well rounded program.....:confused:
I'm the same way. I want to know everything I'm missing. First
off, you're having a good time doing what you're doing, that's
what's most important. Secondly, you don't know most of us here
from Adam, or what our ranks are. There are for sure a lot of
high ranked kenpoists here, but there's a lot of peons like
myself here. We all have opinions, but that's all they are. We
don't spar in my school either, and I'm not going to try to convince
you of anything because both sides make great arguments for
and against sparring. The bottom line is if you're happy where
you're at, and the higher ranked people can move well, then
you're in the right place. It doesn't mean you're in the right place
all the way to black belt though. As you learn more about
ken/mpo, your curiosity might be SO strong you can't help but look
elsewhere. And remember, this is America, you can workout with
anybody you want, go watch any tournament you want, etc.

I'm just like you, I wanna know it all, right now, dammit! :) It has
nothing to do with rank, it has everything to do with passion and
a craving for knowledge. But the only thing that can teach us
what we want to know, is time. Time, and a good instructor. Be
patient, it'll all come. :asian:
Your Sensei mat take offense if you go to another school. A traditional instructor probably would take offense whether he says so or not and probably even more so if you went somewhere to learn the same art.

More modern instructors train with other schools so there shouldn't be a problem for their students to do the same.

But if you have reservations about your school then you should look around and see what others schools do. You don't have a student of another school to check them out.

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