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Jan 12, 2003
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I have been thinking lately that it may harder to defeat a person from your school/ style all things being equal becuase they know exactly what you know.
Where as in different styles going against each other there may be the element of surprise or one person getting the fight to work to thier strengths.
Generally speaking, what do you think would be harder with 2 fighters or more or less equal skill?
I'm not quite sure what your asking? If your asking whether I think its harder to fight someone from your class then I agree. Martial Arts gets a lot more dangerous when differant styles clash.......mainly because neither knows what the other is doing and there is more chance of an accident. When your fighting someone from your own class it becomes a lot more predictable and harder to have the element of surprise. :asian:
Fighting someone you train with all the time can be the hardest, because they know all your favorite tricks and strategies. You've also both learned from each other, so you use each other's techniques back against their inventor.

Quick story: one time in sparring my partner and I both threw a double punch simultaneously. Both of my fists collided with his fists, right on the knuckles! We didn't know whether to shake our hands out or fall over laughing.
that's happened to me a few times, or the funniest I think is the sychronised hook where they both land :p

it al depends on how you and your opponant adapt. If you are fighting someone from a diffrent school neither of you know what to expect (unless they used to be from your school or spar with people from your school) so your favorite combinations have a better chance of landing, although the same applies to your opponant. I think in this case the perosn who is more agressive will be better off because you force youropponant to constantly be reacting to an un fammiliar source. On the otherhand fighting someone you know and who knows you is hard because they know what you are going to do, yet you know what they will do, by altering your style to attack their weeker areas you could get an advantage but I tihnk you would be better off testing them first to see what they want to do, more of a head game I guess.
We are talking about the sport aspect of the Martial Arts, Right? Then fighting someone from your school should be easier. The rational behind this is you can go "outside the box" and do/try other movements. The factor of predictabilty is on your side. Fighting someone from another style could/should be deemed harder just for the unknown factor. But that's the best way to see if what you have practiced within your style works.
Actually when i posted the question i was thinking in terms of non sport combat. I do realize the odds may be pretty slim that 2 reasonably trained martial artists are going to wind up fighting each other in the street over a parking space or something.
I make no claims to be a fighter but wonder what would be tougher. To wind up fighting somebody who is obviously trained but doing things you arent familiar with or somebody who has the same basic style as you?
Two trained fighter for real. To me it would be a 50 / 50 tossup.
I think the one who gets there first with the most wins.......
its a toss up. same advantages and disadvantages either way.

a fighter from your school may know you and your style of fighting, but you know them and their style as well.

an unfamiliar fighter has the disadvantage of not knowing you, but you have the disadvantage of not knowing them.

when I spar someone from my school, they know to watch for a defensive sidekick, cause I do that a lot. but I know to watch for their own signature moves as well. someone I don't know, sure, they may not know I'm going to throw a sidekick, but I don't know that they like to get offline and go for the headshot. equal advantages and disadvantages either way, for equally skilled fighters.

for unequal fighters, the advantage goes to the better fighter.
Experienced fighters will test and probe the opponents first to gauge the response.

That is why it is a lot more fun to see amateurs fight in the rings. They just throw caution into the wind and come all out swinging like mad. LOL. You got to see a lot more action in an instant.

When the pros go at it, you tend to see probing and feeling with both side testing the others in the first few rounds.