Gonna be unavailable for a little bit.

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Aug 4, 2001
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Due to a major problem with my left eye (currently blind in it, expected to be temporary) I'm going to be offline for about a week.

Y'all play nice in the mean time. I'm leaving the MOMT in charge. (Moderators of Martial Talk - a pun for the MA folks.) :D

I'll be popping in as possible to skim a few things, just not gonna be as active as I'd like until I can comfortably see again. Eye problems, um, suck. :(

Hope everything works out for you, Kaith. I would strongly suggest getting legal representation for that botched eye surgery. Not only to compensate you for all your suffering, but to help make sure they can't inflict that damage on anybody else.

I'll try not to ban the entire membership before you return :D

Kaith is the Head Honcho..the Big Cheese...the Main Man...the Big Enchilada...the Commander-in-Chief...the Lord High Emperor...

He's the owner/founder of this board.


Ah... I prostitute, err, prostrate myself before greatness.

"I'm Soooo Worthy!!!!" :D

Seriously, dude, get well fast! :asian:
Thanks for the kind words folks. I popped on today to do some maint, and try and catch up.

Short update:
Left eye has got to be experiencing the 2nd worse pain of all time...doc numbed the heck outta it today, and scraped the outer layer off, so it might grow back smooth. Its been growing back iregular, and thats the cuase of the problems. On the plus side, I got nice painkillers (Codine = Gooood!) but can't take so much I end up zonked all the time. So, I sleep most of the time. While its good to rest, its killing the income level. :(

So, keep holding the fort, looks like y'all are doin fine without me so far. :) But its good to know I'm missed.

Thanks! and I'll be back in full swing shortly, I hope. :D
Ask for demeral! Trust me on this one. Ask for a laxative too.
Hmm.....think I'll bunk with you if I do.... :eek:

hehehe Yer a card there Gou...a Joker.;)

Tis a good thing, my friend. :asian:
Short update....pains mostly gone, light sensativitys mostly gone too. Focus is way off, basically, its like looking thru a thick fog. Heads clearer too. :) Still, aint pushin it too much for now.

been puttering around behind the scenes a bit, doin minor tweaks. enjoy!:asian:
If you want to get any shots in now is the time to do it. Plus, there is still time to steal his beer.
:moon: :fart:

Dats my beer.....:armed: :drinkbeer
I'm sure it'll be really funny for Renegade to see me running and giggling away from "Cheers" with your beer and you chasing me outside his window.
Dats ok...I'll go yak with the cute Blond gal at the bar...you go "skip" away.....:rofl:
I KNEW Renegade's new location would cause problems! Too close to the barley sandwiches!

:cheers: :ladysman: :drinkbeer

I'll have to come chaperone next time the London boys visit.
Cool...we can shut the place down! :D

err..da bar...not Renegades new place...its too cool. :)
The drinking I can dig but I better bring the wife. If I get into trouble I'll need someone holding my leash. And a blonde like that is just enough to put Jaybacca or myself over the edge.

Plus your nudie bars are really ...well... lame.:cuss:
Just keep yer leash tucked into yer gi.....they got laws down here about that. ;)

and youre right..our nudie bars are lame.... hmm....I wanna immigrate! :)
Minor update... Left eye still fuzzy, but the doc says its healing good, and i'm slowly getting back to speed. Monday is another check up, and hopefully things keep looking good. Been outta action since this hit, and I was just starting to actually be able to bang sticks right. :)
Eye healing slowly, but stuff needs to get done, so I'm back, sorta.

Now I just gotta see where Gou and Renegade ran off with the good silver to, and if Cthulhu's finished the devious plan to rename the forum Cthulhu-land. (hmm....actually, ita an idea...we can sell lots o souviners like at Di$neyland!) :D

Seriously guys, thanks for holding down the fort while I deal with this pain in the umm, well, eye. :)


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