FMAT: a heated conversation.. with a favorable ending??

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Sep 11, 2006
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a heated conversation.. with a favorable ending??
By The Old Way Traveler - 07-29-2010 07:30 AM
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just wanted to share a conversation i had with one of my friends over an MMA match we were watching... he was expressing his opinion that i was wasting my time learning eskrima and should focus more on MMA.. i asked him why he thought i was wasting my time.. he said, "well, for one.. when can you actually use a stick or a sword in a real fight?" i said to him, "dude, sticks and swords are just an extension of my hand.. i'll be ok with just my hands.." he was still insistent, "well what if the guy tackles you and starts grounding and pounding you?" i said with a little sense of sarcasm, "what makes you think i'll let him tackle me?" at this point he was getting frustrated, "well, how come you don't see FMA practicioners in UFC?" with a smile, i explained, "well, FMA is for combat, MMA is a sport... FMA is being used all over the world to teach the military how to kill their enemies with quickness and efficiency.." he said, "that's ********, MMA guys would destroy FMA guys in the ring..." i laughed and said, "i guess you're right.. MMA guys are better in the ring.. but in real life, no referrees would stop the fight".. he asked me to show him how i would defend if someone wanted to take me down.. so he went through the motions of tackling me, i quickly sprawled and stopped his effort.. he was still trying to take him down, when i hit him with an elbow between his shoulder blades (lightly, of course, but hard enough to get my message across).. he quickly fell down in pain, shouting, "hey!!! that's cheating.. that's an illegal move!!" i turned to him and said, "in real life, you do whatever it takes to take your opponent down.. there are no referrees.."

now i'm not trying to say that Mixed Martial Arts wouldn't be effective in real life situations, but, i'd rather lean on what i learned from FMA than what i see on TV.. i apologize to MMA practitioners out there, i mean no disrespect.. i'm just tired of these friends of mine who are UFC fanatics thinking that FMA is only about sticks and swords... i tell them that FMA is actually a Mixed Martial Art.. we have punching, kicking, wrestling, joint manipulations, etc... weapons are just there in case we need them.. :laugh:

anyways, have a great weekend!



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