FMAT: Incorporating the empty hands of FMA into MMA

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Sep 11, 2006
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Incorporating the empty hands of FMA into MMA
By Pinuti - 07-29-2014 07:36 PM
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I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with martial arts like yaw yan but its a fighting system that incorporates some eskrima aspects such as the bolo puch of even sikaran kicking methods such as the scorpion kick or low line kicking

as for sikaran I've sparred with one guy who did it for a decent amount of time and he could fight pretty well with a lot of low and high kicks which were used with more of a push like in muay thai and less of a snap like in taekwondo, so I think sikaran is a pretty effective fighting system in mma, its just that it doesn't do a lot of upper body striking with the arms.

I'm familiar with dumog, I've seen a practioner of dumog throw around a guy in bjj, however he didn't really know how to submit so he lost buy naked rear choke. I do think that dumog can be added to the arsenal of bjj to help in replace of western wrestling, but how well it would do against western wrestling is something I'm not to sure of and hopefully someone here can give an insight on

But my main concern is whatever there is a Filipino fighting system that utilizes heavily on upper body striking along with kicking. Apparently theres boxing but thats western boxing, so it wouldn't really count as a filipino martial art :sword2:

Panantukan is more of a street oriented system that was developed by lucaylucay and dan inosantao, so I feel they're more like international systems than actual fma.

I"ve researched about suntukan but, I guess thats a word for just fighting than an actual fighting system, I can't really find any fma that utilizes more on empty hands than weapons like pencak silat. I was hoping someone here can give me an insight on such matters of a fma empty hand system that is used in the Philippines.


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