figured it out!



ive dissed tkd. why? becasue i fought some black belts and beat them. im an ameuatur mt, jkd, bjj.....


i figured out why they are so easy, its the mcdojos. they give black belts away. those guys dont earn it. mcdojos give arts bad names. tkd is good, mcdojos make them bad



O.K. I'll bite.
After you left a post in the TKD board which basically said 'TKD sucks and anyone who does it sucks', I got pissed and left you a nasty reply.
I just read you post about TKD eqiupment - I don't agree with your advise, but I understand your confusion about 'chest protectors'.I spent many years competing in WTF tournaments, both at state and national levels.I wish chest protectors were not used.Yes, there would be a multitude of rib injuries - so what? Thats what 'Full contact' is all about! But at this point they are reqiured at any sanctioned tournament, so the guy who asked about getting one HAS to have one regardless of your or my opion on the matter.
Now I read the post you started this thread with.
i figured out why they are so easy, its the mcdojos. they give black belts away. those guys dont earn it. mcdojos give arts bad names. tkd is good, mcdojos make them bad
This is what concerned TKD players have been screaming about for the last 20 years.If you are truly just now comming to this understanding I'm glad.
I just find it hard to beleive that a MAist who has been around for a while is only now figuering out that most of the crappy fighters you come across (regardless of stlye) are the product of crappy schools.
If you are sincere in this, I applaud your new found insight. :asian:


i would have to say that TKD is not the only style that results from mcdojangs.

there are tons of "false" schools waiting for their next student to walk in.

and infact you cant totally blame the students. they do what the instructor askes of them.

also dont let the color of the belt fool you. i have known some lower ranks to really kick butt simply beacuse their technique was better.

not everyone knows everything. there is always something new to learn, no matter what rank you are.

Kenpo Wolf

Some of us needs to learn humility, don't we? I'm not one who bashes other styles since I believe that most of them can offer something useful. Don't judge the majority of the TKD people based on your limited experience as I'm sure several here in this forum can set you straight, both physically as well as verbally

BTW, its people like you who give the martial arts a bad name


excellent post kempo wolf. it does seem that some people will never understand the true meaning of the martial arts :asian:

how sad.


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I will agree that TKD gets much more than its share of McDojos. There are at least 10 TKD schools in my city. I was on a break from Kenpo (instructor was too far away for me to commute), and was just looking for something else to learn, since I couldn't find a kenpo school in my area. I visited all the martial arts schools listed in the phone book. EVERY SINGLE ONE of the TKD schools was a McDojo. I walked in and the first thing they said to me was "let me tell you about our two year black belt program. its guaranteed" My answer was "black belts should be earned, not bought" and walked out.

There are good TKD schools out there. I used to train at one in Los Angeles for a little while, so I know they exist. I just wanted to learn a couple of those fancy kicks, not because I'd use them in a fight, but just because they looked cool and I wanted to know them. The instructor and I had a long talk. He lamented the opening of the McDojo down the street, because he was losing a lot of potential students who didn't know any better. They would come into his place and see that he didn't guarantee black belts, and would go down the street and see that the McDojo did guarantee a black belt. He shook his head and said "I can't make them see that you can buy a rank, but you can't buy the knowledge that should go with it."