Few Videos from the Revolution Tournament Saturday


Mostly Harmless
Jul 9, 2008
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Covington, WA
St. Paddy's day tournament in the PNW at the Revolution BJJ and Sub Grappling tournament.

I was working brackets and such, but got a couple of videos taken. I train at a small affiliate school that just opened in October. The first match was from one of our guys who has only been training since then. He's a great kid, and it was a pleasure to watch him roll. He ended up losing his second match 8-4, but ended the match in a dominant position and just ran out of time. For only having 3 or so months on the mats, he did really well.

We'll be working on opening a stubborn closed guard, though. :)

The second two matches are my coach. He's against a tough Gracie Barra brown belt in the first match and wins 6-0 (three takedowns). He loses the second match to a tough guy. Don't know his name, but he was a big dude. Fun match to watch. At the beginning, they were borderline stalling when Bing got the de la riva and settled in. They both laughed for a moment, because each was waiting for the other to make a move. As you'll see, Bing breaks first and pays for it quick. Other guy passes guard and ends up taking his back. Bing escaped, and after a short scramble got bench pressed over.

Lots of terrific matches this weekend. Fun to see the sport grow here. We had, I believe, 3 black belts compete and 7 brown belts. The purple belt divisions are getting large enough now that combining weight classes is happening rarely, and most of the blue and white belt divisions have at least 10 competitors per bracket. Overall, I think that there were around 500 competitors. Anyway. Enjoy.




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