Favorite Types of attacks

What do you like to defend yourself against the most

  • Grabs and Tackles

  • Pushes

  • Punches

  • Kicks

  • Hugs and Holds

  • Locks and Chokes

  • Weapons

  • Multiple Attacks

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Originally posted by Goldendragon7

Female tickle attacks.!


I want that comment stricken from the record. I am looking for serious answers to what types of attacks people like to defend against the most and possibly the reasons why.
Geez, that's a good question, we usually are asked at our gradings after all the self defense techniques are done to pick 5 of our favourite techniques and really cook with them. I am so confused by the word favourite that I have to pick 5 at random. I don't really practise techniques defending against any one type of attack more than any other. I usually work a belt level which contains techniques for all the attacks you have mentioned.

All that being said there are definitely techniques with which I am more confident, should I answer based on the confidence factor?

Maybe rephrase the question to what type of attack do you feel most confident in defending yourself against?

Or are you trying to find out what we crazy kenpo people find 'fun' when working out?

In the class I love the spontinaetity that multiple attacks bring out. You really have to be comfortable with your mechanics and ability to defend against them.
Before I started kenpo, my favorite was a tackle. My strategy
was to bury my head in your stomach and grab your knees, to
take you down. Then pin ya with my weight ( I like knees over
the shoulders) and pound you in the face with straight punches
and hooks. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!!?

It actually worked well for me until some biker (I like to call
him "Iron Beer Belly") took the hit, kneed me in the face, and
then had a field day holding me up in a kneeled position, and
bashing the ever lovin' dookie outta me with a 68 Impala driver's
side door! Where's the smilie for THAT? ;)

I like the defenses I've learned for grabs so far. Its great when someone is actually willing to grab you. They commit one of their weapons, so you can pin it and nullify it. You can then control and manipulate their h/w/d zones, put them where you want them, execute joint locks/breaks on their arm/elbow/wrist/fingers whatever, at your leisure basically. It doesn't require the best reaction times, or sense of timing, or perceptual speed to counteract a grab as it sometimes does with a quick jab/punch kick, or something less committed.

take care
Well, I voted punches because I have a lot of fun with the few that I know. My favorites being, Five Swords, Thundering Hammers, Flashing Mace and Flashing Wing. But, I have two others that are pushes that I really like doing, Thrusting Salute and Glancing Salute. Of course having finally learned Spreading Branch it now ranks right up there with the others (love that knee smash). :D

Love 5 swords myself! My personal favorite! I can't help grafting
to it from like every technique! hehehe
Outside of an attacker "mouthing off" I think pushing scares the victim. The adrenaline rush sometimes interferes with quick responses. So I like to train people that a push is a trigger. Hit the attacker in the rib chest area delivering your "payload" body weight behind. Then hit anything else thats open.

Of course, to be effective requires your full mental commitment.

Dave Simmons:tank:
Now you guys are making me jealous! :boing1: Actually I like many of the ones you guys are talking about as well.......

Some of my favorite :erg: techniques.....

5 swords:samurai:
Dance of Death complete version
Darting Leaves
obscure claws
Falling Falcon
Shield & Mace
The bear and the ram

First off this is my first post in here. Now to the subject. I personally love multiple attackers. We have a drill we do in our advanced class where you are surrounded by 5 or more people and they attack you at random with any attack, from anywhere, at anytime and you need to defend yourself with either a technique or combination of techniques. One person may be in the center for 20 attacks, 5 minutes, 10 minutes. It all depends on what the instructor has in mind. You get tired but when you are done and have taken out 20 or more opponents, you fell a rush like no other.:asian:

I forgot about Obscure Claws!! Just learned that one a couple of weeks ago, and it is cool... :D Daddy like ;)


Oopps!! Don't think I would have pulled that one.
The LaBounty story right after yours is pretty funny too.

It dose not matter much to me I enjoy practicing against most attacts. Love working against punches and kicks,and need more work on grappleing.
We do a drill at our school that I really like, its called an unknow attack.

Form a technique line and then each person can throw what ever attack they want. Most lower belts throw a punch or kick. Upper belts usually do combinations.

I like defending against grabs, hugs/holds, etc. becuause I like to work from elbow/knee range and do a lot of body manipulation.

Some of my fav. tech's (not attack specific)

Deflecting the limb,
Five swords (everybody's fav)
Obscure Claws
Thundering Fist

and the list goes on...

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