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Q - What are Reputation Points?

A - Its been called Karma on other systems. Basically, if someone likes/dislikes your post, they can give/take some points.

Q - Are reputation points good or bad?

A - Yes.

Q - Where are the reputation points?

A - You can view your current reputation by several means.
1 - Hover your mouse over the green or red dots by your post count in any post you have made.
2 - In the USER CP. Checking here will give you a list of your most recent reps as well as the actual numerical score.

Q - What do the colors mean?

A - Green is positive, Red is negative, grey is neutral (usually means person didn't have enough power to influence your rep)

Q - What are the point requirements for all the levels?

A - This is an in progress list.
User Absolutely Totally Hopeless -1,000,000
User Totally Hopeless -99,999
User is definately Hopeless. -500
User is starting to seem Hopeless. -300
User is most definately Lame! -200
User is bordering on Lame -100
User can only hope to improve -50
User has a little shameless behaviour in the past -10
User is an unknown quantity at this point 0
User is on a distinguished road 10
User will become famous soon enough 50
User has a spectacular aura about 150
User is a jewel in the rough 250
User is just really nice 350
User is a glorious beacon of li450ght
User is a name known to all 550
User is a splendid one to behold 650
User has much to be proud of 1000
User has a brilliant future 1500
User has a reputation beyond repute 2000

Q - How many points are given/taken when you vote for or against?

A - The amount of influence you have is based on a complex formula based around how long you've been a member, your post count, and your reputation.

Q - How does it all work?

A - Default reputation is 10.

You gain 1 point of rep-altering power:
- per year of membership.
- per 1,000 posts
- per 100 reputation points you yourself have

You must have 50 posts b4 you can influence others reps

You must have at least 10 rep points b4 you can influence others.

You may only influence 10 people per 24 hr period

You have to influence 10 people b4 you can hit someone again.

Q - Do the reputation points expire.

A - No.

Q - How do I use the system?

A - To give rep, simply click on the scales icon next to the post number that you wish to "rep". You must select positive or negative. Including a reason is optional, though doing so is considered good form.

Q - Can I see who gave me rep points?

A - No. Reputation is anonymous, though MT Staff can see who reped them.

Q - Can I disable the display of my reputation?

A - Yes, if you are a Supporting Member.

Q - What do I do if someone sent me something rude/obscene/threatening?

A - Report it to our staff. We will investigate and take action as neccessary.

Q - Where can I find more information?

A - http://www.martialtalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13010