[FAQ] Why isn't "X" represented here / You need a forum for "X"

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Aug 4, 2001
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[FAQ] Why isn't "X" represented here / You need a forum for "X"

We regularly receive these and similar questions. MartialTalk's mission is to preserve and promote the arts, so why aren't there forums for everything?

Well, simple.

- We had one, but it saw little traffic to it was removed and the posts relocated as appropriate.
- We never heard of the art/system/etc before
- We had one, but ran into too many problems with it so removed it.

Q- Will we add it?

A- If we see a need. We determine a need based on member requests, if we're seeing a lot of posts on a certain niche, and on rare occation if we think it's worth a shot.

Q- How do I get it added?

A- Show us the need. Write a proposal, and indicate how many threads are about it. 4-5 is not enough. How many others want it? Start a poll "Should MT add a X forum?" in the General MA forum. If it hits critical mass (meaning the majority of responders are YES and there are alot of responces (more than 25 is good, more than 50 is better, 100 is an instant win)) then we will add it.

Q- My system broke off from Y and we don't want them in "Our" forum as they do things differently. Can we set that up?

A- We are willing to set almost anything up. However, something that specific falls under the "paid" forum section. For a flat fee, we will setup a private, public/private, etc forum which you can set such specific terms.
Otherwise, we prefer to keep our forums as open as possible.

Simply put, to help us to help you, show us the need exists, and we will do what we can to help you fill it.