Evening classes, what do you eat afterward?



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May 4, 2007
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Northeast, USA
Hi Lynne, what I would recommend is a protein shake, but make sure it's Casein Protein. f you are taking it at night after a workout this the best stuff. It breaks down slower, basically while you are sleeping. My TKD class ends around 9:30pm and I take this every night.

I managed to lose over 50 lbs in 6 months. I did protein shake for breakfast, protein bar for lunch, normal supper. Snacks in between consisted of fruit, beef jerky (lots of protein), and drank almost nothing but water. And of course a Casein Protein Shake before bed.

YOu want to take a normal protein shake or power bar, this will keep you awake, and if you ae trying to stay healthy and drop weight sleep is very important.

Hope that helps, feel free to email me also.


Congratulations on the weight loss, phlaw! I know that weight (fat) loss is not easy.

Did you get hungry on your routine or did the protein keep you satisfied?


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May 21, 2007
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Hey there...

Two quick suggestions - perhaps more if i get on a roll...

1 - Go see a dietician or nutionist. Talk to them about what you should be doing after training. They are actually qualified so might know what they are talking about

2 - You could try one of the protein drink afterwoods. They are healthy and will make you feel full until breakfast time.

The general rule is this - drink lots of water to rehydrate.
Listen to your body - it will tell you when you need more energy. And if you stick to healthy type foods (fruit/veg, rice, pasta) it shouldn't be a problem.

The key is balance - you don't want to over-eat, as that will add weight.
You don't want to under-eat as that will starve your body of the energy it requires to repair itself after your training and the result will be that you eventually burn out.

Good luck with it...

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