Electronic scoring against hawkeye replay


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Oct 31, 2010
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I didn't want to derail the Taekwondo kicked out the Olympics in 2016 thread, so I decided I'd start my own.

I just wanted to know from those who compete, train to compete, or teach competitors in WTF Shihap Kyorugi, what the pro's and cons are for using Hawkeye Replay technology against the Lajust and Daedo electronic scoring systems?

I've read a lot of criticism against Elec. Hogu's, that they don't score properly etc, so do you think hawkeye would work better? I know it's a fast paced sport and it's kind of take that away if they were breaking after each point to assess a video to see if the point was properly scored, but then tennis is fast paced, as is rugby, and they use it in both those sports now. My opinion is that the Hogu's are like a plaster/band-aid (depending on your language; English or American-English :wink2: ) to the problem, but then I'm not certain that hawkeye is the absolute solution too, but I do believe that it is better than the Lajust and Daedo systems, and with it we maybe wouldn't repeat the embarrassment of 2008 when Sarah Stevenson got awarded her point after being declared the loser of her bout, then to find out she had to fight in the semi's(?) on the same morning.

What are your thoughts?


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Dec 7, 2010
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LaJust is no more. Daedo works way better than lajust but it has its own issues. There is also video replay under the wtf rules, although I do not know what hawkeye replay is. So we have both.

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