WTF Sparring: why it is the way that it is.

Well, they are $450 each, down from $650. I got to believe this is a hard price for most school owner's swallow unless they are a hardcore WT (or UBL) sparring school. I could see it as something a school eases into, maybe having one pair of small, medium, and large hogus.
Can you calibrate this gear?
There are settings for how powerful your hits need to be. They can be configured as a handicap (i.e. one person needs to hit harder than the other), but I wouldn't personally use them that way.
  • If you have two small/inexperienced people sparring, set both of them light.
  • If you have two large/experienced people sparring, set both of them hard.
  • If you have one small/inexperienced person and one large/experienced person, you could set it so the larger/more experienced person has to hit harder for the same score. But now you have a larger/more experienced person kicking the smaller newbie harder, which I don't think is right.
I do agree the cost is high, and that it doesn't solve the problems that TheTraveleress had with cost. But it does solve the problem of the silliness that is min/maxed WT sparring.