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  1. L

    Training sanda in china

    Does anyone know how I can contact the provincial or city sanda teams in china? I practice sanda in my home country but the training is not enough in my opinion so I do a lot of self training outside class. However, I know in the Chinese sanda teams and classes they are training with people for...
  2. L

    sanda/sanshou in the uk

    Hi, I'm new here. I currently practice sanda in the uk and was looking to make some martial artist friends from the uk that also practice sanda
  3. W

    Wing Chun in Bangkok - 亙冽潸健 - 鉊抉葩鉊鉊鉊詮鉆鉊鉊鉊鉊詮鉆鉊鉊

    Hi fellow martial artists, I hope posting this here is alright (mods please delete if not). I have started a private Wing Chun training group in Bangkok since as far as I know there are only 2 official schools and 1 group that trains in one of the parks here in BK, which is not a lot of choice...
  4. T

    Donald Hamby-Hung Gar-Los Amgeles

    Sifu Donald Hamby-Hung Gar-Los Angeles Does anyone here know how to get in touch with Sifu Donald Hamby? The only website I can find for him is this: but when I called the listed number, it said it was out of service. Messaged the email address on there with no...
  5. T

    Taoist Institute-Sifu Carl Totten-Los Angeles

    Anyone in Los Angeles know about the Taoist Institute and Sifu Carl Totten and whether or not he is still teaching? The website listed on google and yelp doesnt work when you click it, and when I drove by the address the other day I saw that the inside was emptied out and the sign gone, looking...
  6. T

    Chinese Martial Arts in Los Angeles

    Hello, I am looking for quality Chinese martial arts/kung fu training in Los Angeles. I am asking on here because in the world of martial arts there are some amazing teachers and classes that just arent on yelp or google. I am open on what style as long as the training is authentic. I live in...
  7. O

    The potential of TMA

    First of all a little disclaimer: I like all types, styles, shapes, and flavors of martial arts I have trained judo and TKW for about 20 years, researched about many other styles around the world, I have been a competitor, and I have even been in the cage as a guest in the local MMA gym (In...
  8. O

    Learning when a school or instructor is not available.

    Hey I'm posting this thread since it is my reality, the place where I live has 3 martial arts schools a Judo Dojo, a Taekwondo Dojang, and a MMA school that's it. Really small town and the nearest martial arts school is a TKD Dojang with 2 hour drive one way, now at the very least I have a lot...
  9. O

    Iron Bone

    Hello how do you start the Iron Bone Kung Fu methods?
  10. O

    Grip strength training.

    Hello, I'm a Judo practitioner so grip strength is very important for my art however I've always been amazed by the grip strength of Hung gar practitioners of the tiger kung fu, I apologize if I mixed the names and terminology up Chinese martial arts aren't my forte, but I would love to practice...
  11. G

    5 Badass Kung Fu Fighters Who PROVED That Kung Fu is Legit

    Hey guys. New here. Just wanna post this video to see what are your opinions on kung fu. Is it practical and lethal or do you disagree with others in saying that it is bullshido?
  12. C

    New Wing Chun Classes in Bromley and South London!
  13. Mattattack

    Book Recommendations!

    Hello all, I'm soliciting recommendations for books on martial arts! In particular I am very interested in books on Traditional Chinese Martial Arts and I am more interested in histories and analsyses than how-to books. Here are some that I like The Shaolin Monastery by Meier Shahar Chinese...
  14. TheThirdAncestor

    Looking for advice--considering Cheng-Baguazhang

    Hello everyone! I'm a beginner in Hung Gar and Wing Chun (1 year) and have been looking to see which Chinese martial arts are available in my area and I found a school that teaches Cheng-Style Baguazhang. My question is would it be counterproductive to my current training to pursue Baguazhang...